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Why is the antifreeze leaking from your 2000 Volkswagen Beetle?


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Your Beetle is 7 years old and the rubber hoses get old just like your serpentine belts. Cracking and stretching means it is time to replace your hoses. Your Antifreeze should be replaced every 100,000 miles and the water pump should be checked at the same time. Also your timing belt should be replaced around this time. The Anti freeze is only available from your dealer so do not mix your anti-freezes. This could cause severe cooling problems. Since you didn't say where your anti-freeze is leaking. I would check your oil for signs of water. Make sure your coolant reservoir is tightly sealed. Distilled water can be added to get you to a VW dealer but this will affect your cooling system if you add too much. Never open the radiator always add fluids to the reservoir only


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