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to protect there personal life o they career..

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Q: Why is the artist have so many names?
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Why are artist called by so many names?

to protect their life...:)

Why artist have so many names?

Artist have so many names because sometimes they like to paint in a different style but don't want their "name" to be associated with it. Many of the famous painters, such as Pablo Ruiz y Picasso, had a long name because that was how parents named their children at the time.

How many top 40 hits did Frankie Valli have as a solo artist?

As a so-called "solo" artist, he had nine.

Why artist have many names?

Some to avoid clashing with somebody else with a similar name and others just for effect.

What are the names of people how hire artist to paint?


What are the real names of every artist in Disney?

I'm afraid your question cannot be realistically answered.Finding the names of literally EVERY artist that does or has worked at Disney is impossible.

What does the Ninja Turtles and renaissance artist have in common?

Just their names .

Why are the artists are called by so many names?

because there are so many types of arts

Who is Cody Simpson's favorite music artist?

hes not so sure he has many

Where are the names Donatello Raphael Michelangelo and Leonardo from?

Donatello,Raphael,Michelangelo and Leonardo are names of fabulous artist's.

What are names of patriots?

There are so many other names of patriots. Some of these names include loyalists, partisans, nationalists and compatriots among many other names that show loyalty.

A famous artist who names begin with E?

Edgar Degas is a famous French artist. His name begins with the letter E.

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Why do artists have many names?

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Why artist have so many names?

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