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Well, unless you have a basement so deep it reaches to the fires of hell, I'd say you have a heating vent leak. Your money is being wasted heating the basement. A few dollars in locating the HVAC leak and repairing it will save thousands later. Contact an HVAC repairman (Heating/Ventilation & Air Conditioning),

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Q: Why is the basement the hottest room in your house?
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What is a basement appliance that can heat your house?

A basement of a house is the room or space that is below ground level. A basement appliance that can heat your house is a furnace.

What do call a room at the bottom of a house?


What is the the name given to the room beneath the house?

The name given to the room beneath a house is called a basement.

What do you call a room within the roof of the house?

a basement

What is the last room in the house of Anubis game?

the basement

What does the basement do in Animal Crossing?

The basement doesn't do anything- it is an upgrade in your house that gives you more storage room.

If your house has no basement can you lay laminant in your living room?


What is the name of a room under a house?

Its called a basement or a cellar

Name a room in your house that you wouldn't want to be carpeted?

bathroom, basement, kitchen, laundry room

What is the empty room in the basement of Riften Honeyside for after you bought everything for your house?

Slave/Housecarl room

What is a room under a house where wine may be stored?

Cellar or basement

Name a room in your house you would like to be bigger?

Bedroom, Bathroom, Living room, Dining room, basement, kitchen

Name the room in your house you'd most like to be bigger? room.dining room. bathroom. basement.

What is the safest place in a house during a tornado?

The safest place in a house during a tornado is in a basement or cellar. If there is no basement, then an interior room on the lowest floor is the next best option.

Where is the safest place in a home during a tornado if you do not have a basement?

If you do not have a basement go to the lowest floor of your house a go to a central room with no windows. A bathroom or closet is best.

What is the color of Jon and Kate Gosselin's basement in their new house?

The color of the basement in Jon and Kate Gosselin's new house is a slate blue color. The room is used for filming and as a playroom.

What might you do if you saw a tornado approaching for your house?

If you see a tornado approaching your house head to your basement immediately and crouch down in a corner facing the wall. If you do not have a basement go to a room in the center part of your house on the lowest floor.

What do you do if you are in a house and there is a tornado?

Get to a safe place underground like a basement or something with no windows or breakable things. My family goes in the basement under the stairs with blankets and pillows. If you don't have a basement get in a small room in the middle of your house and cover your head with pillows and duck down.

What might you do if a tornado was approaching for your house?

It is best to get you your basement or cellar. If you don't have one get to a room in the center part of your house on the lowest floor.

What is the coolest part of a house?

Temperature wise, in warm environments, the basement would be the coolest part of the house. Socially speaking, the coolest part of a house would be the game room or entertainment room.

What are some room ideas for basement remodeling?

My wife wants some basement remodeling done. I will be doing the basement remodeling myself. What are some possible room ideas for basement remodeling?

Where is the ghost cat on haunted house on poptropica?

In the room to the right of the basement door, to the opposite side from the kitchen.

If a tornado is coming from the West which wall in basement should you lay against?

Where you should go in your basement does not depend on where the tornado is coming from, but how the house and basement are arranged. You will want to be away from windows and preferably in a corner. If there is a small room within the basement, the walls can add protection.

What is the Safest spot to go in your house during a tornado?

Generally it is the basement. If you house doesn't have one, then it would be an interior room on the lowest floor.

How do you get rodrick out of the basement on Wimpy Wonderland?

You get Rodrick out of the basement by going in the laundry room and clicking on the electrical breaker box, and turning off the switch to his room. To get into the laundry room, you need the Joshie card from Rowley, which you get when you beat Twisted wizard and return the game CD to him at his house.

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