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The biggest island in Hawaii is NOT called Honolulu.Honolulu is the State Capitol of Hawaii. The biggest island is called Hawaii, but most people call it the Big Island.

Honolulu is the name of a city (and its county) on the island of Oahu. Oahu is much smaller that The Big Island. Somewhat confusingly, the biggest island in the State of Hawaii is officially called The Island of Hawaii. To avoid confusion it is also named The Big Island. This "biggest island" is between six and seven times bigger than the island of Oahu, which contains Honolulu.

Honolulu is the State Capital (not Capitol) of Hawaii.

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What is the biggest island on Hawaii name called?

The biggest island is actually called Hawaii. No joke. When referring to the island of Hawaii, Hawaii residents generally call it "the Big Island".

What is Hawaiis biggest island?

hawaii. the state is named after the biggest island. a lot of people just call it "the big island" now because of possible confusion

Where was the pier scene in the film 50 first dates filmed?

It was filmed in Honolulu, Hawaii on the shore opposite a small island which local people call the china man's hat.

How do you dial a call from Australia to Honolulu Hawaii USA?

To call Honolulu from Australia, dial 0011 = international access prefix from Australia 1 = country code for USA, Canada, etc. 808 = area code for Hawaii (7-digit number)

Does Big Island refer to Hawaii?

Yes Big Island generally does refer to Hawaii, as this is another name for it. However, there's also establishments and companies that also call themselves Big Island such as Big Island Coffee.

Is there another name for the island of Hawaii?

People call it the Big Island and the Hawaiian Islandsare also known as the Sandwich Isles.

Who to call since there are no state troopers in Hawaii?

Each Island is a county and has it's own police force. Call 911

What did Columbus call the island he landed on in Hawaii?

Christopher Columbus never landed in the Hawaiian Islands.

Where is Honolulu is loacated?

Aloha: On the western side of O'ahu. It is the largest city on the island, and the largest city in HI. We who don't live there, jokingly call it L.A. West. : D

How do you call santa in Hawaii?

In Hawaii you talk in English.

What do kids in Hawaii call Santa Claus?

Kids in Hawaii call Santa Clause Kanakaloka.

How do you call an Australian mobile in Honolulu?

To call an Australian mobile phone, you dial the Australian mobile number. It does not matter if the mobile phone is physically in Australia, Honolulu, or anywhere else.

WHY did they call Hawaii Hawaii?

"Hawaii" is possibly based on the native word for homeland (Owhyhee).

Which volcano created Hawaii?

The Hawaiian islands were formed by multiple volcanoes. Five separate volcanoes form the main island we call Hawaii: Kohala, Hualālai, Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, and Kilauea.

What island is center of hawaiian industry?

I'm not sure you can call it "Hawaiian industry" but Oahu is home to Honolulu which is the 'city' in Hawai'i. The industry in which Hawai'i gains most income is the tourist industry.

What are the two smallest continents in land area that also fir the definition of an island?

There are not any. Australia is the smallest continent. And however tempting it may be to call it an island it is not. Greenland is the wolds biggest island however Greenland is not a continent.

What do you call a piece of land surrounded by water on all sides?

A piece of land surrounded by water on all sides is called an island just like Hawaii.

Does it cost extra to call Hawaiik?

Does it cost extra to call Hawaii?

What do you call people who live in the state of Hawaii?

Resident of Hawaii is called Kamaʻāina. Stranger or new comer to Hawaii are called Malihini.

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