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A physical change is a change that its form or appearance of matter changes but not its composition. Boiling water is a physical change because you only change the temperature but the matter is still water.

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Q: Why is the boiling of water a physical change if water changes from liquid to a gas?
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Is the boiling of water until it becomes water vapor is a physical or chemical change?

It's a physical change. All changes of state (solid to liquid, or liquid to gas, for example) are physical changes.

Describe 2 physical changes?

Melting: change of phase from solid to liquid Boiling: change of phase from liquid to a gas

Is boiling water a chemical change chemical property physical property or physical change?

The Boiling Point of water is a Physical property. When you boil the water and it changes from liquid to gas, that's a physical change.

If water is boiling is it a chemical change or a physical change?

It is a physical change. All phase changes are physical, not chemical. The chemical composition of water does not change when it changes from a liquid to a gas, or for that matter, to a solid.

Is boiling point physical or chemical?

When a liquid reaches boiling point it goes through a phase change, liquid to gas. Phase changes do not change the nature of a chemical so it is a physical change. This physical change can sometimes be caused by a chemical change though.

Is water changing from liquid to gas through evaporation or boiling a physical change?

Yes, both are physical changes.

What changes from a liquid to gas?

The change from a liquid to a gas is a physical change called vaporization. Vaporization can occur slowly, as in evaporation, or rapidly, as in boiling.

When liquid nitrogen boils at - 196 celsius is that chemical or physical changes?

Boiling is a physical change because there is no change in the chemical composition of the substance.

Are boiling points and freezing points checimal changes?

No, boiling points and freezing points are physical constants that are unique to each substance. The phase change between solid and liquid and between liquid and gas is a physical change.

Why is boiling water considered a physical change?

Because it physically changes from a liquid state to a gaseous state.

Why does the temperature remain constant during melting and boiling?

Melting and boiling are changes of state. Melting changes state from solid to liquid, and boiling changes state from liquid to vapor. Thus, these are physical, not chemical changes. All of the heat energy that goes into changing solid to liquid or liquid to vapor (or any change of state for that matter), is used only to change the state and therefore the temperature of the system does not change.

Is boiling of liquid air a physical or chemical change?


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