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to capture images and scenes, it provides us with entertainment and memories

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Why is camera important for mobiles?

Why is camera important for mobiles?

Why is the Kodak camera important?

Kodak camera is important because it was the first camera ever made.

Why was the camera important?

the camera is important because it changed history. the camera captures our surrounding and makes them into lasting memories!

Why is the camera so important?

the camera is so important cuz its help you keep memories from the ast

The most selling camera in the world?

Selling camera in the world ? nikon or anon ? which

What is the important part of the camera?

There are many important parts of a camera, it's hard to pick just one. It's like asking what is tjhe important part of a car.

What is the timeline of the camera?

Some important dates in the timeline of the camera are the first daguerreotype camera in 1839, the panoramic camera patented by Thomas Sutton in 1859. and the Kodak box camera patented by George Eastman in 1888. In the 20th century, some important events are the inventions of the Polaroid camera in 1948 and the first digital cameras in the 1990s.

Which camera did Ibn Alhaytham invented?

he invented the first camera in the world

Is Nikon Coolpix S3300 a good camera?

its a world class camera

Why is camera obscura important to photography?

notice me

Why was it important to invent the camera?

to take images

How did they take a picture of the world first camera?

doh with the worlds first camera

Why is a camera important to take photos?

Because that's what a camera does. It's either that or get very fast at drawing.

What is the most important feature of a camera security system?

That the camera gets a sharp image in the light it will be recording in.

Which is the highest megapixel camera on the world?

You can buy a 120mp camera for $37,000 which is the highest resolution camera that has been made to date

Why is a camera important to have?

So you can take pictures of your memories.

Why was a camera important to the Victorians?

to show how beautiful their pets were

Who invinted the camera?

John Stoghofe invented the first digital camera and Louis Daugerre invented the world first camera in gerneral

Why is the camera important?

helps people take pictures of your memories

Why is a digital camera important?

american and african cam re

Why did MIA flip off the camera at the Super Bowl?

To important

What is the best camera in the world?

The Brownie Box

What is the world first camera company?


What actors and actresses appeared in The World of the Secret Camera - 1999?

The cast of The World of the Secret Camera - 1999 includes: Noel Edmonds as himself

Who makes the best brand digital camera?

Cannon is considered to be one of the best camera makers in the world.