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People kill them for, food, hobby or for fun

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Why is crayfish endangered?

i don't think they are because there are LOADS of crayfish in the rivers

Why are crayfish endangered?

People kill them for fun and nobody notices that they are endangered.

What are some endangered animals that begin with the letter D?

Dunsborough burrowing crayfish is an endangered animal in Australia. It is listed as critically endangered.

Is a crayfish a kangaroo?

No; a crayfish is a crayfish, and a kangaroo is a kangaroo. The crayfish is an invertebrate and a crustacean, and the kangaroo is a mammal, specificially a marsupial.

What do they call crayfish in Australia?

Crayfish are either crayfish or yabbies. Yabbies are the freshwater crayfish found in inland creeks and dams.

Is your crayfish dieing?

My older crayfish died and my littler crayfish has not yet how do/can they die?

How did crayfish become endangered?

Because they are delicious!! No seriously here is what I found: "Crayfish are threatened by habitat destruction caused by dams, water pollution, erosion, siltation, in-stream gravel dredging and, particularly, the introduction of nonnative crayfishes and other exotics. About 65 species of crayfish are endangered, threatened, or listed as species of special concern by the states in which they live, and 48 percent of our native crayfish species are in need of protection. These numbers are best estimates only. The exact status of crayfish endangerment or extinction rates in the United States is largely unknown because very few distribution and population surveys have been completed. " Here is a link to the site where I found this information:

Is a crayfish a herbavoir?

Crayfish are omnivores.

Why Do Crayfish Fight?

why do the crayfish fight

Do crayfish have territories?

Do crayfish have tarritoris

What is the texture of a crayfish?

what is the texture of crayfish

Are crayfish vertebrates?

No. Crayfish are invertebrates.

What does the exoskeleton do in a crayfish?

protects the crayfish

Does a crayfish look like a crab?

Crayfish are related to small lobsters. Here is a link for pictures of crayfish.

Is a crayfish a detritivore?

Yes, a crayfish is a detritivore

How do crayfish live?

crayfish live in water

Are crayfish arthropods?

Yes, crayfish are arthropods.

Do crayfish eat dead crayfish?

Yes they do.

Can crayfish have babies?

Crayfish lay eggs.

Is a crayfish a molluscs?

No, a crayfish is not a mollusk. It is an arthropod.

What does a crayfish resemble?

the crayfish resembles a lobster

Is their a name for the female crayfish?


Do a crayfish have pincers?

yes crayfish do have pincers

When do crayfish bite?

see if crayfish bite?

Is a crayfish an invertbrate or vertbrate?

Crayfish are invertebrates.

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