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Some people have missed the real message. Too many religions focus on Jesus's death (by having the cross on their church) rather than his life, parables, lessons, and Resurrection. To remind us that God loved us enough to send his only Son who was willing to suffer and die on our behalf in reparation from sin. He died for us whilst we were still sinners. Greater love has no man than that he lay down his life for his friends. Christianity like most religions professes the "End of the World". See the Related Link for "Eschatology" to the right for more information. Paul, in 1 Corinthians 2:2, makes a rather interesting comment. Previously in the letter he had noted that the church at Corinth had been debating about the teachings of which famous speaker, including Paul and Jesus, a particular faction chose to follow. Paul told them they were acting like children, not deserving of the deeper teachings they sought after. The verse reads, "among you I claim to know nothing except Jesus Christ, and Him crucified." He had to get everybody back on the same page before he could think of starting to teach them anything deeper. What's curious is that he points to Christ's crucifixion, not His resurrection. The crucifixion is the sacrifice that ended the separation between man and God. Jesus was a man not born under the curse of sin; He was the only one who didn't deserve to die for His sins, since He did not sin. His death was a substutionary atonement for the sins of everyone else; He took your place and mine at the execution. His death is what frees us. That's not to say that the resurrection isn't important. His resurrection shows that He has conquered death once and for all, and that the prison of eternal separation from God need not be our only fate. His ascension allowed the Holy Spirit to come to abide within everyone who would accept Him. It also provides a promise of His return one day. None of that, though, would be possible without His sacrifice on the cross.

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Q: Why is the crucifixion and image of Jesus highlighted and in plain sight everywhere instead of his Resurrection?
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