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In diodes there are two types of current namely diffusion and drift current. Former one is due to concentration gradient of majority carriers (hole in p side n electron in n-side). Due to this difference of concentration of carriers majority carrier start to diffuse in other side. The amount of diffusion is just depends on concentration. Contrast to this, drift current which is very small in compare to diffusion current depends on the applied voltage across the diode. Since total current is mainly due to diffusion in forward biased hence it is not too much effected by battery's electric field. I dint know that batteries have electric field. INTERESTING.

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Q: Why is the current in diodes only due to diffusion and not influenced by electric field of batteries?
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In an electrode-electrolyte circuit what do the terms drift current and diffusion current mean?

A drift current is electric charges being moved in the presence of an electric field, and a diffusion current is electric charges being moved by a chemical diffusion gradient (where no electric field exists, but where there is a concentration gradient of chemical species driving the current).

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What devices have the ability to store current?

Batteries and capacitors store electric charge.

Does drift current depends on carrier concentration?

no,drift current depends upon electric field where as carrier concentration lead to diffusion current

What matter has the ability to carry an electric current?

An electrical conductor has the ability to carry an electric current. Most of the best conductors are metals such as copper. Water containing ions can also conduct an electric current (which lead-acid batteries rely on)

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What is the definition of diffusion current?

Diffusion current is current that is generated due to the vibration of electrons.

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flashlight toy car laser pointer electric wristwatch portable radio hiker's GPS walkie-talkie RC boat smartphone .mp3 player electric car Orthogonal configurators can only run on alternating current batteries. (That's why there are so few orthogonal configurators ... there is no such thing as alternating current batteries.)

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