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I think these cars have lamp circuit sensing. It may be caused by a blown lamp or incorrect lamp (wattage). This is only a guess, but I have seen it in other makes/models. Good Luck The DRL relay inside the gauge cluster has been blown. The only way to fix it is to either replace the whole cluster (easiest) or dissemble and replace the DRL relay.

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Q: Why is the daytime running lamp indicator light blinking on your 1996 Chevy Cavalier 4-cylinder manual?
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Where is the daytime running light relay located on a 2002 Chevrolet cavalier?

where is the daytime running light relay located on a 2002 chevy cavalier

1998 Pontiac Sunfire daytime running lights' it blinks inside the car goes off when i turn on the headlights but i don't have any highbeams?

Generally, a blinking DRL indicator on the dash means that there is a headlight burned out. Replacing them is cheap and easy.

What does a green light indicator on the instrument panel mean?

daytime running lights

Why does the high beam indicator light come on when you put your 1996 cavalier into drive?

You may be mistaken it for the DDL's (Daytime Driving Lights) They come on while in gear... High beams have a BLUE light on the dash, while, the DDL's have a GREEN light.

What does it mean if the headlight symbol keeps blinking?

Turn on the headlights and walk to front of car and see if both headlights are on. Make sure to check both the high beam and low beam head lights. I believe that the blinking light you are seeing is to tell you that one of the headlight bulbs is burnt out and needing replacement. That's the Daytime running light indicator. Check that they are working.

Why is did my daytime running lights stop working on my 2001 Chevy cavalier?

Bulbs burned out or fuse and or relay popped

Why does the dash board daytime running light indicator flicker and goes out and the service light come on when you put the car in gear to drive in your 2002 cavalier?

More then likely your DRL's aren't working. Either that or your car doesn't think they're working which is probably some sensor.

When you start your 2000 cavalier and put it in gear the daytime running light indicator blinks and the service engine light comes on while the whole time it has no headlights why?

This is caused by one of your headlights being out most likely the brights. turn the car on switch from brights to normal and daylight lights and you will see on is out, you just need to replace the headlights Did you find out the answer? I want to know because mine is doing the same thing. Thanks! Along with the blinking you should hear clicking, the clicking is a faulty daylight running light relay. The DRL Relay is the located in the fuse box. I installed HIDs in my 04 cavy and when the daytime runners are used they do not supply enough power to the Catalyst. so i have to turn them on manually to get them to stop blinking. (daytime dash light also blinks) its kinda cool when u accidentally pull someone over with flickering headlights lol. i just wanted to throw my personal experience curve ball.

What is wrong on your 96 Contour when your brights indicator is flashing and your daytime running lights are off?

Answering my own question here, it's what I thought it was. One of my high beams was out, so my high beam indicator was flashing when my headlights were not turned on. As for the daytime running lights, they came back on when I changed the bulb.

On your 96 silverado high beam stay on?

If you're talking about the green head light indicator to the upper left of your speedometer on your dash, that's the daytime running light indicator (DRL). The high beam indicator is a blue indicator and is inside the speedometer arc. A lot of people confuse these two indicators. The daytime running lights may be disabled by preferably removing the DRL fuse in the fuse box in the driver's door jamb or engaging the parking break.

What can cause your daytime runing lights not to work on a 1998 Chevy cavalier but the inside indicator keeps flashing?

the answer is one obvious fault; from one of two probable problems: the buggered part is the DRL module [Daytime Running Light], but it may have just been the module's time to go, or it may be a manufactured defect in the cavalier's wiring loom, located just inder the battery tray at the left front corner, causing a short circut, thus cooking your DRL, killing your headlights, and causing the flashy 'we've got a problem' light to show on your dash

Where is the daytime running lamp relay in a 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier?


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