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dirty door latch clean with wd 40

2009-12-17 19:30:39
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Q: Why is the door ajar light on in a 1997 Mercury Mountaineer stay on and the passenger door doesn't beep when opened?
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Where is rear washer tank on mercury mountaineer?

I believe only the ( 1997 ) model year of the Mercury Mountaineer had a separate washer fluid tank for the rear liftgate . Anything newer , the liftgate washer fluid was supplied by the front windshield washer fluid reservoir in the engine compartment * on the 1997 Mercury Mountaineer , you opened the liftgate and there was a fill plug just above the drivers side tail light , the reservoir was in the storage compartment where the wheel jack was located , behind the removable plastic panel , in the cargo area , near the liftgate on the drivers side

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Probably the body computer is not shutting down. Ck drivers door switch for problem. Radio should shut off when any door is opened with key off.

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