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Why is the engine still overheating after you have replaced the water pump heater core and thermostat?


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2011-09-13 15:36:21
2011-09-13 15:36:21

It could be that your radiator is rusted or damaged and need to be changed. Have it checked and flushed out to be sure. Another problem could be your cooling fan is not working properly, it should come on when the engine gets to a certain temperature. If it doesn't then check the connections and have it tested to see if there is a problem. These are the first things that should be checked out and also make sure none of the hoses are collaped or clogged. If you can feel the hoses getting warm after the engine has reached the proper temperature then water is flowing through them, you must check all the hoses even the heater hoses. These are usually the main reasons for overheating. But beware that there are other things that can cause it to overheat that has nothing to do with the cooling system. Good luck and I hope you find the problem. Jean

Answerthis can be caused by an old/defective radiator cap. i would replace it.

answer replace radiator cap would be my next move then if that doesnt fix problem check that engine timing is correct


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No heat coming from the heater and the car overheating is usually the thermostat stuck closed. The thermostat is supposed to open up at a certain temperature allowing the engine to warm up quickly.

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If the engine is overheating, the thermostat is stuck closed. If the heater is not putting out enough hot air the thermostat is stuck open. Change the thermostat as a normal part of maintenance when changing coolant.

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Two good indicators of when to replace the car's thermostat: * When you have to run the heater (no matter what time of the year) in order to keep the engine coolant from overheating, * When you no longer get ANY heat from the heater core.

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By overheating which will cause a change in the thermostat materials construction.

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Perhaps a bad thermostat and/or a heater core

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