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The nature of the threat is not exactly clear, but it is thought that the following might be contributing factors to their endangered species listing on the World Conservation Union's red list: * Habitat disturbance from mining activities, overgrazing and agriculture. * Climate changes * The domestic cats and other predators

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Q: Why is the four-toed jerboa endangered?
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Are jerboa endangered?

The four-toed jerboa is endangered and lives in northern Africa

Is a jerboa endangered?

No it is not.

Is the jerboa endangered?

yes i think

What does a jerboa sound like?

a jerboa

What are facts about the long eared jerboa?

the long eared jerboa is endangered ;it lives up to 2-3 years approximatly ;its latin name is Euchoreutes naso ;it can jump 12 times its height ;its hair covers most of its body

How do you make a jerboa on alxmey?

Shrew + Sand = Jerboa

Where do jerboa live?

The great Jerboa lives in any desert.

How do you make a Jerboa on the game Alxemy?


What does the jerboa EAT?

A Four-toed Jerboa eats seeds and insects.

Where does the Iranian jerboa live?

The Iranian jerboa is a critically endangered species. It is found only in a tiny range in Iran, about a quarter of the way across Iran (going west to east) and parallel to about a third of the way up Iran's border with Iraq. The species is known only from a single population.

What is the niche of the great jerboa?

The niche of a jerboa is looking for food and watching their young

How does a jerboa protects itself?

The great Jerboa protects itself by running away.

What are Sahara desert omnivores?

the only ones i know is a jerboa. yeah i know a jerboa.

Is the great jerboa a predator?

The great jerboa eats insects and seeds. It is a predator to the insects.

When was Long-eared Jerboa created?

Long-eared Jerboa was created in 1891.

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Jerboa = Sand + Shrew

What eats a long eared jerboa?

Owls are thought to prey upon the long eared jerboa.

Does the greater jerboa have arms?

I think that a jerboa does have arms. If it wouldn't have arms,then what would it use to eat?

Does a jerboa lay eggs?

Nope - a Jerboa is a small mammal, giving birth to live young.

What is a jerboa?

It's an animal of course, but a Jerboa is in the rodent family. A Jerboa has small ears like a mouse and a long tail and long legs, which lives in Arabia. It is a unique creature.

What are the release dates for The Jerboa - 1914?

The Jerboa - 1914 was released on: USA: 12 May 1914

Where does the jerboa live?

in Venezuela

Long-eared Jerboa place in the food chain?

The Long-Eared Jerboa eats mainly Insects..

What does a Jerboa eat?

they eat seeds

How long is the pygmy jerboa?