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Why is the grevys zebra called the grevys zebra?


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After the French president Jules Grevy


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The mountain Zebra is classed as vunerable. Grevys are endangered

The grasslands of Ethiopia and northern Kenya

The grasses of their biome, and in the driest season, they browse on the trees.

Enemies: Lions, Hyenas, Hunting Dogs, Leopards, and Cheetahs

The Cape Zebra was almost hunted to extinction, but some survive. Grevys Zebra in endangered. Plains Zebras are numerous, but are being reduced by hunting

Current estimates are that there are 750,000 Plains Zebra, approximately 2,500 Grevys Zebra, 600-700 Cape Mountain Zebra and 800-1300 Hartmann's Mountain Zebra remaining in the wild. Only the Plains Zebra remains off the endangered species list.

An adult zebra is called a zebra.

A female Zebra is called a Mare.

a baby zebra is called a foal

A group of zebra is called a zeal or a herd.

A young or baby Zebra is called a Foal.

no a baby zebra is called a foal

The mix between a zebra and a horse is called a zorse.

Any zebra hybrid is called a 'zebroid', but a horse and a zebra specifically make what is called a 'zorse'.

A young baby zebra is called a 'Foal'. Whether its a young female or a young male zebra...its still called a 'foal'

because it is black and white like a zebra

A male Zebra is called a stallion, and a male Giraffe is called a Bull.

A male zebra is called a stallion. Just like a horse

Blonde zebra can be called Pony.It can also be called a Unicorn.

A baby zebra is a colt or foal.

Yep. Its still a zebra but called a webra.

NO there is not any beyblade called electric zebra unless it is fake

A foal. This is true because a zebra is part of the horse family and a horse's baby is called a foal or a colt. Same for a zebra.

Both male and female zebras are called a zebra.

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