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You might not have enough water pressure. there is a screan in the hot and cold sides of the hoses in the back of the washing machine.unhook the hose on the washer side and pull the screan out and clean or replace. make sure you shut the water off first

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Q: Why is the hot water so slow to fill your washing machine?
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What causes washing machine to fill slow?

Most likely cause is the incoming filter screens. Where your two hoses fit on the machine the inlets on the washer have small fine stainless steel filters. You can pull these out with fine tweezers or thin pointed knife, and clean them. ( New ones are cheap if you crunch them) I clean them with an old toothbrush.

What causes a washer to fill slow?

It could be low water pressure or a partial blockage in an inlet valve.

How do you know when the clutch is bad on your washing machine?

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Why is the cold water so slow to fill washing machine?

You probably have a clogged filter. The filter is a made of wire mesh that is molded to the approximate dimensions of a thimble. Becuase the wire mesh of the filter is very fine, it is difficult to clean. Order a replacement from the manufacturer. Be sure to shut the water off and remove the hose. There are sometimes small screen filters on the hoses, and always a screen filter on the infeed to the washer where the hose connects. Check the filter. Even a little bit of build-up can cause severe issues with fill time. My washer was taking close to an hour to fill on cold, and now fills in 2 minutes since changing the filter.

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