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On my Dodge it was the connection pluging into the coil some times I have to wiggle the plugin from the bottom seems to work everytime.

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Q: Why is the ignition coil on your 1992 Dodge Dakota not firing?
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1992 Dodge Dakota - Fuel relay location?

1992 Dodge Dakota Fuel Relay location?

What is the firing order for a 1992 Dodge Dakota sport 3.9 v6 magnum?

The firing order should be 1-6-5-4-3-2.

Will a 1992 Dodge Dakota rear window fit in a 1998 Dodge Dakota?


Will a 1992 Dakota truck motor fit into a Dodge truck 1999 Dakota?

Will a 1992 Dakota truck motor fit into a dodge truck 1999 Dakota?"

Will a 1989 Dodge Dakota tran saxle fit a 1992 Dodge Dakota?

Dodge Dakotas do not, and have never, had transaxles.

Remove ignition switch 1992 Dodge Dakota?

I removed my ignition switch with a screwdriver and a power drill. I warn you it damaged the whole system though. I have to start it with a screwdriver now.

Where is the central timer module on 1992 Dodge Dakota?

a 1992 Dakota does not have a Central Timer Module.

What temperature thermostat is in a dodge Dakota?

1992 dodge Dakota 5.2l 318....192 F thermostat

Diagram to change belt 1992 Dakota 318?

belt diagram 1992 dodge Dakota with 318

Where is the air condition fan located on 1992 dodge Dakota?

There is no air conditioning fan on a 1992 dakota.

Does 1992 Dodge Dakota have a computer?


Where is the ignition module on a 1992 Dodge Ram 250 van?

The 1992 Dodge Ram 250 ignition module is located on the firewall in the engine compartment. The ignition module will be on the drivers side of the firewall.

Will a 1991 dodge Dakota interchange with a 1992?

It is possible.

Where is the starter solenoid on a 1992 Dodge Dakota?

It is on the starter.

How big is the gas tank on 1992 dodge Dakota?

I fit 17 gallons in my dakota.

Gas tank capacity of a 1992 dodge Dakota?

I fit 17 gallons in my dakota.

What is the engine oil capacity of a 1992 Dodge Dakota with a 5.2 liter v8 engine?

A 1992 Dodge Dakota with a 5.2 L V8 has an engine oil capacity of 4.0 quarts.

What is the firing order for a 1992 Dodge Colt 1.5L?


1992 dodge Dakota interchangable with a 1994 dodge Dakota?

yea i bought a 1992 dodge Dakota back a couple years ago from a guy that had ran into a tree i had to replace the front end and all the parts i got ranged from 1991 to 1995 so hope this helps you out

How many 02 sensors are there on a 1992 Dodge Dakota?


1992 dodge Dakota is the voltage regulator in the computer?


What size motor is in a 1992 dodge Dakota VIN number 1b7fl23x8ns526460?

In a 1992 Dodge Dakota with the second character of the vin a "B" it'll have a 3.9 L (238 cu in) V6 engine.

What is the crank sensor location on a 1990 Dodge Dakota 3.9L V6?

Dodge Dakota V6's didn't have a crank sensor until 1992.

How can you change the front coil springs 1992 dodge Dakota?

1992 dodge dakotas do not have front coil springs, they have torsion bars instead.

What type of oil should you use in a 1992 Dodge Dakota?