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The Jersey Devil is a mythical creature with two legs and wings said to have been the thirteenth offspring born of Mother Leeds.

It was sometimes called the Leeds Devil and was supposed to inhabit an area in New Jersey. The locals often blamed the Jersey Devil for the loss of their livestock.

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Q: Why is the jersey devil evil?
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When was the Jersey devil born?

1666 the jersey devil was born

How old is the jersey devil?

jersey devil is 94 years old.

Did the jersey devil live in Pittsburgh?

no the jersey devils only lived in new jersey that is why it is called the JERSEY devil.

Is the jersey devil a devil?

there are many ways the jersey devil is presented. in fact different people telling different stories can give the jersey devil different appearances

How can you kill the Jersey Devil?

The answer is no. When the Jersey Devil was born, a man shot a cannonball at it, but the Devil kept on flying.

What color is the Jersey Devil?

The Jersey Devil Is Said To Be a Really Dark Gray

When was Devil in Jersey City created?

Devil in Jersey City was created in 2004.

Where is the Jersey devil located?

It is in New Jersey

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The devil is evil, so if you're full of the devil you are acting in a bad or evil way.

Do evil and devil rhyme?

No. Evil is said with a long E. Devil is said with a short E.

What do you know about the Jersey Devil?

The Jersey Devil supposedly lives in the forests of South New Jersey. It is supposed to fly and have hooves.

Is the devil evil?


How tall can a jersey devil get?

The Jersey devil gets up to 8 or 9 feet high.

How old is the New Jersey devil?

the new jersey devil is more then 300 yers old

When did Jersey Devil - video game - happen?

Jersey Devil - video game - happened in 1998.

When was Jersey Devil - video game - created?

Jersey Devil - video game - was created in 1998.

What town does the jersey devil live in?

new jersey

Why does the jersey devil only land in New Jersey?

it is from new jersey

What does the jersey devil look like?

The Jersey Devil has the face of a horse the tail of a dog, and the wings of a bat.

Who is the ultimate evil Dahak or the devil?

The ultimate evil are trolls.

Is the jersey devil evil?

Yes its a "devil".In 1909 there was a HUGE rash of sightings over a perioid of 8days.It attacked a trolly and attacked, its only live prey to date, at dog and tore off a peice of its flesh.The dog survived but the owner must have been shocked out of her mind.So yes it is evil....very very evil.

Where does Jersey Devil live?

In a legendary land South Jersey

Who invented the evil eye?

The devil

Is Dahak more evil then the devil?


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