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The first keyboards were a part of manual typewriters.

Manual typewriters use a system of keys and levers to manually lift an arm with a character on it and force it through an inked ribbon so that the character was stamped onto a blank page.

Early keyboards had various layouts; it was found that if the keys were arrange alphabetically the typist would type too fast and the mechanical levers would jam together.

The modern "qwerty" keyboard was proposed not to make people type faster, but to make them type slower.

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Q: Why is the keyboard on the computer not in alphabetical order?
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the advantage and use of computer mouse is to click icons. by using mouse is faster in terms of pointing in to an object on your computer. unlike by using keyboard, you need some keyboard shortcuts in order to execute or click an object.

Does iMac computer run without keyboard?

Yes, it will run without a keyboard or a mouse. You will have to use the on-screen keyboard in order to type anything.

What does Touchscreen QWERTY mean when a phone says this?

Touchscreen QWERTY is referring to the QWERTY keyboard on your touchscreen phone. A QWERTY keyboard is the one that is likely in front of your computer. It's not in alphabetical order like some keyboards.

What are the five parts of computer keyboard?

There are 5 part of computer keyboard

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Any computer can have any keyboard...

Why was the computer keyboard originally created?

The Computer keyboard if you mean the on-screen keyboard was created for computer users without keyboard connection. If you mean a normal physical keyboard, then I'm pretty sure the answer should be clear to you...

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What is a qwerty keyboard on a phone?

its a keyboard like a keyboard for a computer

List four types of keys on the computer keyboard?

list four types of keys on the computer keyboard There is the Dvorak keyboard, Colemak keyboard, Azerty keyboard, and Qwerty keyboard

Who invented the computer keyboard?

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Why isn't modern keyboard arranged in alphabetical order?

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Did the first typewriter have the keyboard in alphabetical order?

yes, and the hammers jammed a lot.

Why isn't a keyboard in alphabetical order?

Original typewriter keyboards were in alphabetical order, but typists became so adept at touchtyping that the typewriters often jammed (they couldn't handle the speed). At the advent of the modern computer keyboard, people were just so used to the new QWERTY system that it became standard. If you want to change it to alpahbetical (or any other) order, your computer needs to be set up that way and the keys need to be moved as well. You may be lucky enough to find a board set up that way already.

Where would you find these letters in order qwertyuiop?

On a computer keyboard, this is why they are called 'qwerty' keyboards