Why is the kinetic theory of matter important?


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because mate


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the kinetic theory of matter was discovered in 1616

Neils Bohr came up with the kinetic Theory of Matter, also known as: The Molecuar Theory of Matter, and The Bohr Model.

The kinetic theory of matter states that matter is made of particles whose speed is dependent on their mass and temperature. The kinetic theory states that particles in matter are always in motion.

The Kinetic Theory of Matter, also known as the Kinetic Molecular Theory states that small particles called molecules or atoms make up matter. The particles are always in constant motion.

The kinetic molecular theory states that all particles of matter are in motion.

kinetic theory of gas is defined with the help of maxwell distribution

Kinetic theory and Heat transfer are both in motion, in Kinetic theory all states of matter are in vigorous motion and Heat transfer is associated with the motion of atoms or molecules.

Kinetic theory of heat is basically the kinetic theory of gas and matter which shows that heat is generated by atoms and molecules inside an object or a substance.

theory that explains the properties of matter in terms of the particles of matter always being in motion.

the theory of matter says that all particles of matter are i constant motion

Kinetic molecular theory of matter is a concept that says molecules and atoms possess kinetic energy. Gas is molecules in rapid random motion that are separated by great distances on the atomic scale.

the movement and behavior of atom.

Atoms+molecules moving around.

the kinetic theory of matter says that all matter is made of particles that are in constant motion. Matter is made of constantly moving particles, which tells us how the matter in solids, liquids, and gases behaves.

No they are not the same. The kinetic theory of matter is a mathematical mechanism for thermodynamics which studies a collection of particles at once. For instance in an inert gas like Argon or N3, the kinetic theory of matter leads us to the ideal gas law PV=nRT. This theory deals with a chunk of matter at a time, assuming it to be both continuous and discrete. On the other hand, the particle theory of matter is one of the backbones to the kinetic theory. It was described by Neils Bohr to describe the vast emptiness of space in a sheet of metal. The particle theory of matter is the idea that matter consists of small particles we know as atoms but that those atoms consist of smaller particles called electrons, protons and neutrons. This theory is the study of how individual particles come together to form chunks of matter.

the kinetic theory is useful for? A.determining how much heat is necessary to melt a solid. B.explaining how matter and energy are related. C.testing the temperature gas. D.showing the differences between states of matter.

The four states of matter are: Solid LiquidGas Plasma

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