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How did they break the Liberty Bell?

The liberty bell was last rung on george washingtons birthday the bell cracked beacause of so many times it was glued back together the crack on the bell repersents liberty and the pursuit of happines we are very honor to have the liberty bell to this day...

Why do the Liberty Bell have so much value?

Because the liberty bell is an old historic coin that is worth about $8.00

When was the Liberty Bell celebrated?

The Liberty Bell has never been "celebrated". It was rung on July 4, 1775 ( hence the name Liberty Bell) and it cracked, so it hasn't rung since.

How old was the bell when it was first called the Liberty Bell?

The bell was first called the Liberty Bell in 1835 in a journal published by the New York Anti-Slavery Society. The bell was made in 1753, so it was 82 years old when it was first called the Liberty Bell.

How old is the Liberty Bell?

The Liberty Bell was installed in March 1753, so as of the year 2016 it is 263 years old.

Why is the location of the Statue of Liberty so important?

To welcome new immigrants when they came in through Ellis Island.

Where is the Liberty Bell locater?

I assume you mean - where is the Liberty Bell located....if so it is to be found in the Independence National Historical Park, Philadelphia.

Why does the Liberty Bell have a crack in it?

Becuase at the time the bell was rang so often that it cracked. then they tried to fix it and did so. then they rang it so much again that it cracked all the way up and the liberty bell cannot ring again.

How was the Liberty Bell cracked?

It cracked because the bell was rung so many times, that it broke.

Why is the liberty bell so special?

because it is part of are history

Is the Liberty Bell the oldest?

The liberty bell of the "west" was casted in 1741 from King Louis XV of France, as a gift to Kaskaskia, IL. Unlike the liberty bell of the "east" which everyone is so familiar with that sits in Philadelphia, PA. was casted in 1752.

Why did the Liberty Bell ring on July 4 1776?

The liberty bell rang because we got our Independence!!!!!!! "Joy to the World... LOL becaus we sucked so badly

When was the Last ringing of the Liberty Bell?

The last time the Liberty Bell Rang was on George Washington's Birthday in 1843. At that point, the crack was so large, that it could not be used again.

How much is a 1960 Liberty Bell half dollar worth?

It's called a "Franklin Half" not a liberty Bell. The coins are so common the value for most is just for the silver, about $6.50

What role did the Liberty Bell play in the Revolutionary War?

The Liberty Bells role was so the people could know that it means freedom

Where can you find the Liberty Bell?

You can find the Liberty Bell in Phildelphia. It is in some kind of building with glass the whole way around the bell. So if your walking through Phillie you can see the bell. It's a really cool and informational trip that I took in 4th grade. It was a good experence. If you've never been to Phillie to see the Liberty Bell, consider it. Again, it is in the heart of Phildelphia, PA.

Why is the Statue of Liberty so important to protect?

For US citizens, it is symbolic of our freedom - freedom that we fought for and continue to fight for. # # why is the statue of liberty important

Why is the Statue of Liberty so tall?

The Statue of Liberty is this tall so that people can see it from afar. It was also built this large because it was important.

Tree of Liberty location in the state of New Hampshire?

no it located Boston mass. but it died and fell down. so now it is know as the liberty stump.

Why is new york so important?

because of the ferry and statue of liberty. It also is important because when immigrants escaped where they were the came here after going to liberty island.

What is so important about the sons of liberty?

they are important because it is a secert organization to stop all the acts

What are some important events that happened in James K. Polk's presidency?

While James Knox Polk was in his presidency the liberty bell fell... (ive heard this plenty of times so it could be true)

How was the location chosen for the Statue of Liberty?

The statue of Liberty is so placed that , who ever comes to New York in theoseearly days by ship would be welcomed to the U.S.A.

Did new Madrid earthquake cause Liberty Bell crack?

No the New Madrid Earthquake just rang the liberty bell. The earthquake's epicenter was in the boot heel of Missouri, but the earthquake was so strong that it was felt as far away as New York, Canada, and Washington D.C.

Why is the statue liberty important?

Thestatueof liberty is so important because it symbolizes the fact that wereceivedfreedom from theBritish, the french gave it to us and we put it in NewYorkcity and that's where it stands today.

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