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Why is the marathon 42.2 km?

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Most marathons are 26.2 miles long. This is said to be the distance between Greece and Athens where the marathon was originated. The total distance was given at 26 miles. The extra 0.2 mile was to be ran because the king and queen wanted to see the runners cross the finish line.

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How many km is the marathon?

42.195 Km in a Marathon

How many km is the Olympic marathon?

The Olympic marathon is exactly 42.195 km long

How far is the marathon?

The marathon is 42 Km long

Which Indian boy has the record of running 70 km marathon?

it's a trick question. there is no such a thing as a "70 km marathon". a marathon is always approximately 42.2 km. anything more than that is called an ultra-marathon

What is the reason why the marathon is 42 km long?

a marathon is how far?

What is the length of marathon race in km?

The length of a Marathon is about 40 kilometers.

How many km in half marathon?

approx 42 Km

How many km are in a marathon?


What percentage of a marathon is a 5K?

~12% = 5 km / 42 km

Length of a marathon race in km?

42 km

How many kilometers a marathon have?

There are 26.2 miles in a marathon.26.2 miles expressed in kilometres is 42.16481

What do marathon runners do?

They run in a race called a marathon. A full marathon is 26 miles 385 yards (42.195 km).

How many KM is a marathon?

42.1648128 kilometers.

What is the length of a marathon in km?

21.0975 kilometres

Is the marathon at the Olympics a 20 km race?


What is the distance of a marathon in km?

42.195 km (26 miles 385 yards)

What is the Mileage from le harve to lyon?

676 km. (422 miles)

How many races are there in Dubai marathon?

3 races. 3,5, & 42.2 KM in Dubai marathon

The disance of a marathon in km miles?

42.195 meters

What is length of marathon race in kilometers?

42.195 km.

What is the length of a marathon race in km?

42.16 kilometers.

What is the lenght of a marathon race in km?

42 kilometers

What is the world record for 21km Marathon run?

Your question is not answerable as it is phrased. A marathon is 42.195 km, not 21.

What is the distance between Debrecen in Hungary and Targu Mures airport in Romania?

422 km

How many km from Brooklyn New York to niagara falls Canada?

422 miles