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There is no difference .

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Q: Why is the muscle structure of African-Americans different from other races?
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What makes the structure of muscle cells different from other cells?

Muscle cells can work together to contract and relax while other cells cannot.

What is the structure and composition of meat?

the structure of animals, which converts to meat is straited or voluntary muscle and consists of long cylindrical cells and muscle fibres. These are parallel to each other.

What makes muscle tissue different from other tissue?

Muscle tissue can stretch.

What is the structure that covers an entire skeletal muscle and separates muscles from each other?

The epimysium.

What makes muscle cells different from other cells in the body?

Muscle cells have multiple nuclei

What is the junction where one neuron can transfer an impulse to another structure?

It depends on what the next structure is. If it is another neurone, then it is a synapse. If it is skeletal muscle, then the it is a neuromuscular junction. If it is any other type of muscle, then it is a myoneural junction.

How are reflexes different from other muscle movements?

reflexes are fast

Skeletal muscle cells are different from other cells in that they?

Skeletal muscles are different from other cells in that they have multiple nuclei

How is smooth muscle and involuntary muscle related to each other?

they are the same thing just different names

How is a muscle cell different than most other cells?

it is bigger

What makes elements different from each other?

molecular structure

What is one way poems are different other kinds of writing?

poems have a different structure

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