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There is no difference .


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Muscle cells can work together to contract and relax while other cells cannot.

the structure of animals, which converts to meat is straited or voluntary muscle and consists of long cylindrical cells and muscle fibres. These are parallel to each other.

It depends on what the next structure is. If it is another neurone, then it is a synapse. If it is skeletal muscle, then the it is a neuromuscular junction. If it is any other type of muscle, then it is a myoneural junction.

Skeletal muscles are different from other cells in that they have multiple nuclei

they are the same thing just different names

DNA is alike in other cells of the body, but depending on the specific cell type, some genes may be turned on or off. this is why a liver cell is different from a muscle cell and a muscle cell is different from a fat cell.

The structure of the virus is different from the every other type of organism. The virus structure consists of the strands of the nucleic acid with the RNA or the DNA surrounded by a protective protein coat.

The long and fibrous structure aids in contraction of the muscle cells. It's like Velcro when touch each other they inevitably contract and they keep touching which makes them contract more untill they relax

The kakapo is not the heaviest bird in the world; it is the heaviest parrot and also the world's only flightless parrot. Its bone and muscle structure are different to that of other birds, and this is one of the reasons why it is unable to fly.

The smooth muscle is striated and this allows for a smooth sliding across each other when muscles contract and extend smooth muscle isn't striated, that's skeltal muscle. but im trying to find the answer to the question aswell!

A homologous structure is a similar structure but has a different use. ex. birds use filanges to fly while people use them for other purposes

Cardiac means "of or relating to the heart". Cardiac muscle has that name because it is the specific kind of muscle found only in the heart. It is a very special kind of muscle, very efficient and different from other muscles.

Cardiac muscle has what is known as intercalated disks. These connect heart muscle cells to each other, which allows an impulse (contraction) to move through the heart synchronously and therefore beat as it should.

structures have different composition . they are made up of different thing every structure is different from other. function of structure depend upon its composition for example mitochondria is known as power house of the cell it provide energy to the cell and centriolles play different function for the cell because of its different composition

Cardiac muscle is a type of involuntary striated muscle found in the walls of the heart, specifically the myocardium. Cardiac muscle cells are known as cardiac myocytes (or cardiomyocytes). Cardiac muscle is one of three major types of muscle, the others being skeletal and smooth muscle. The cells that comprise cardiac muscle are sometimes seen as intermediate between these two other types in terms of appearance, structure, metabolism, excitation-coupling and mechanism of contraction. Cardiac muscle shares similarities with skeletal muscle with regard to its striated appearance and contraction, with both differing significantly from smooth muscle cells.Source: http:/

One of the differences is where the muscles are located, cardiac muscle is found only in the heart, Smooth muscle in places such as the digestive system. skeletal muscle is found join to the skeleton. Although cardiac muscle and smooth muscle are involuntary muscles, cardiac muscle is striated muscle and smooth muscle is non-striated muscle. In the other hand, skeletal muscle is totally voluntary.

A frame structure is a structure that is made out of other different things. For example your skeleton is made of all different bones and muscles. A solid structure is a structure that has little or no air in the structure. For example a hockey puck has little or no air into it A shell structure has a moulded shape around it. For example a basket ball is a shell structure by having a moulded shape around it.

They have different primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary structure.

Graphite has a specific layered planar structure.

Tendon is a dense regular connective tissue, that attches muscle to bone. Aponeirosis is a broad sheet of connective tissue, tendon like, connecting muscle to other muscle or bone.

Trace amounts of other minerals in the crystalline structure of the SiO4.

the other name for muscle cramps is "pulikat"

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