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Why is the muscle structure of African Americans different from other races?


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Muscle Structure The muscles themselves of black people, white people, or any other human being are not fundamentally different. We are all the same species.

Black men tend to have more fast-twitch muscle fibers which is good for sprinting, Basketball, boxing, etc.

White men tend to have more slow-twitch muscle mass, just look at powerlifting and strong man competitions. Nearly all the world's strongest men are white. Consider the traditional builds of historically white groups like the Vikings, Spartans, Celts etc. Many consider them the world's fiercest warriors.

There is also an issue of shading. The color black or any dark color for that matter further accentuates the muscle tone of the body. That is why when white men are tan they tend to look leaner and more muscular.

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African Americans do not have an "extra" muscle.

yes.. African Americans do build muscle faster.. they are bigger in many places.

yes, african americans are born with bigger muscles even if they dont work out that much.

No, because they have different functions and are made of different structures.

No, but many African Americans have different attachment locations for their muscles. Think of your skeleton and its joints as levers, and if you have different types of levers, some are designed for strength and others for speed.

No, people of African descent do not extra leg muscle. This is a common misconception and according to the human genome project, it is false.

Skeletal striated muscle, smooth muscle and cardiac muscle.

black have fast- twitch muscle fiber than white

The estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) is calculated a little differently for African-American patients because African Americans have more muscle mass than other groups.

I believe it is in part due to African Americans typically having higher muscle mass as well as higher peak bone density, which is good for boxing and sprinting (more explosive movements), but is the opposite with swimming.

There's no such structure as an "aponeurosis muscle." There are a number of muscles that have aponeuroses, and each has a different approach for strengthening.

Generaly yes they can because they have more fast twitch muscle fibers in there legs.

No heart muscles are different from arm muscles. They are not same either structure vise or by function wise , both have seperate entity and function.

While there can be differences in the distribution of muscle mass that can be characteristic of different races, ALL people have the same muscle groups located in the same places of the body. The differences tend to be in the genetic potential for muscle development in different areas, but environmental factors are often needed to make these differences apparant (eg: African people can have the potential to develop more muscle mass in their legs compared to Scandinavian people, if they work out).

Myoanatomy is the medical term meaning structure of a muscle. It may also mean the study of muscle structure.

Cardiac muscles structure look like fibers connected together to form a tight webbing. The skeletal muscle structure looks different by having spindles of long striated fibers bunched together into a thicker rod.

ultra structure and mechanism of striated muscle with diagram

The structure that attaches bone to muscle is called a tendon.

The structure connecting the pectoral muscle to the humerus is

A tendon is a structure that attaches muscle to bone.

Muscle cells can work together to contract and relax while other cells cannot.

Muscle structure is directly related to the movement of a frog. A frog's muscle structure is designed to allow the animal to move and jump in the ways it needs to..

The heart is made of a type of muscle called cardiac muscle and it is not considered part of the musclular system but it is part of the circulatory system. The structure of these two muscle types are different.

The structure of muscle filaments - View diagram of the structure of muscle ... These two types of filament have different structures that enable then to work together. ... Thick filaments are formed from a protein called myosin which has important ...muscle filaments cause muscles to contract,

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