Why is the muscle structure of African Americans different from other races?

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Muscle Structure The muscles themselves of black people, white people, or any other human being are not fundamentally different. We are all the same species.

Black men tend to have more fast-twitch muscle fibers which is good for sprinting, basketball, boxing, etc.

White men tend to have more slow-twitch muscle mass, just look at powerlifting and strong man competitions. Nearly all the world's strongest men are white. Consider the traditional builds of historically white groups like the Vikings, Spartans, Celts etc. Many consider them the world's fiercest warriors.

There is also an issue of shading. The color black or any dark color for that matter further accentuates the muscle tone of the body. That is why when white men are tan they tend to look leaner and more muscular.
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Are black peoples' muscle structure or development different from the average?

While there can be differences in the distribution of muscle mass that can be characteristic of different races, ALL people have the same muscle groups located in the same places of the body. The differences tend to be in the genetic potential for muscle development in different areas, but environme ( Full Answer )

Are African Americans able to achieve better muscle development than other races?

Genetics play a major role in muscle DISTRIBUTION amongst all people, but not so much "development". To stratify it by "race" is a bit of a stretch solely due to the fact that each racial group has a variety of body types. You got those who are super scrawny who couldn't gain weight even if they swa ( Full Answer )

How do African-American organized crime groups differ from other organized crime groups?

Peculiar wording . . . . It would seem to me that African-American crime, as well as drugs, the druglord life, as well as rap culture all affect each other, and the collective nature of four of these factors combined affect each individual factor, dragging it down, though it has most certainly n ( Full Answer )

How do structural isomers differ from each other?

structural isomers different each other is different compound with same molecular each other mean that different other of attachment of their atom can be said as constituent isomer.

Are African Americans weak swimmers due to muscle mass?

I believe it is in part due to African Americans typically having higher muscle mass as well as higher peak bone density, which is good for boxing and sprinting (more explosive movements), but is the opposite with swimming.

Why is it that African Americans seem to think that their race was the only race enslaved?

To answer your question why African Americans think they were the only group of people that were enslaved are do the following: 1) The racist propaganda that was pepectuated during and after the slavery period in America. African American were told that they were inferior to whites and all other peo ( Full Answer )

What race became slaves besides African-Americans?

Interestingly, while Africans made up most of the slave population,there was another, more unique source of slaves. Debtors andprisoners of war of any race could be made to work as a slave. Inthe case of those unable to pay debts, they were specifically madeto work for the person they owed to until ( Full Answer )

Do African American athletes have an extra muscle or ligament?

No, but many African Americans have different attachment locations for their muscles. Think of your skeleton and its joints as levers, and if you have different types of levers, some are designed for strength and others for speed.

What is the difference between Black Americans and African-Americans?

same thing. They are both terms used to refer to the same group of people. The usage of the term black Americans is considered racist and African American is considered a bit more civilized. black and African arent the same thing....they can mean entirely different things...anyone who is dark ski ( Full Answer )

Is the death penalty given to African American more than other races?

I am not an expert, but I have heard many times that ethnic minorities are disproportionately sentenced to death. It is not just the death penalty though - here in Britain, you are much more likely to be stopped and searched by the police if you are a young black man. As much progress as we think we ( Full Answer )

Did African-American people get treated differently?

the African-American people were treated terribly because down south never liked them and even after the civil war and the laws of segregation were passed some people still don't like African-Americans oh also they do get treated differently in some parts of the us. There are still some groups of pe ( Full Answer )

Why do egyptians look different from other africans?

Egyptians are north africans who are of Asian origin. They mingled with black Arficans from Nubia (Sudan). They also came in contact with Europeans quite early (the Greeks and Romans). Arabs invaded Egypt in the middle ages and Ottoman Turks in the 16th century. Then more Europeans: French, Italians ( Full Answer )

Why africans are sucseptable to malaria than any other races?

well .. its because of species specific immunity.. that is.. different races are immune to different types of disease.. Eg: just like the one you asked.. Africans are resistant to malaria but not other diseases and Indians are more resistant to Tuberculosis than other diseases.. which means.. africa ( Full Answer )

What can African-Americans do that others can't?

Well the graph of athleticism states that African Americans are more athletic than other types on the scale . Nothing really. We all have the same abilities but they develop at different rates and to different levels. Blacks generally score higher in athletics and lower in IQ, but every race cove ( Full Answer )

Describe the differences in the structure of smooth and skeletal muscle tissue?

Skeletal muscle tissue is well organized into sarcomeres and it gives it a striated or banded appearance under a microscope. It also has many nuclei which are situated on the periphery of the cell. Lastly it is a voluntary muscle tissue meaning that you can contract it at will. Smooth muscle tissue ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between African-Americans and Africans?

The biggest difference is CULTURE; yes both are of the same race, which is understandable but culturally Africans(traditional tribal culture) and African Americans(westernized American culture) are very different. As a result both communities see things differently when it comes to many things that ( Full Answer )

Different types of African American hair?

One common myth is that there is just one type of African-Americanhair. African-American hair isn't just very kinky, coarse texture.Though the texture may vary, there are some similarities that makeAfrican-American hair different from other types.

What is the difference between Americans and African Americans?

African-Americans is a racial term referring anyone who is black skinned and either been born in the United States or gained citizenship here. There are many who are called African-Americans whose ancestors or themselves did not come from Africa. American is a term for all citizens of the United Sta ( Full Answer )

If you are half Asian and half African American which race do you choose?

Lucky....I would choose to be black if I were you. It will make your life easier as there are plenty of resources available to you.. However, I (half white/half Chinese) cannot choose my Chinese side as a "minority" and will have to work twice as hard to get a good job when I grow up............cong ( Full Answer )

How are the heart muscles different from any other muscles of the body?

The heart muscle is different from smooth and skeletal muscles because it does not require a nerve to cause it to contract. The heart has it's own built in conduction system that cause's the automatic contraction and relaxation that is required for circulation. Smooth and Skeletal muscle whether it ( Full Answer )

How is Compact Racing and other racing different?

Compacts, are the front wheel drive, 4, and 6 cylinder cars the younger generation gravitates toward today. All others are rear wheel drive, full size, generally of American builders. Ie., Chevy Dodge, and Ford.

How are African and American schools different?

African schools are very poor unlike American schools which are rich. A school that is "rich" is a school that is able to inspire children to learn and to allow them to be self driven.

Why do African American guys mess around with transsexuals more than any other race?

That does not seem to be true, since African American culture seems to have the most bigotry against transsexual women and even "MtF" transgendered males who live as women. A lot of what they mess with might not be actual transsexuals, but cross-dressers and transgenderists who never get the surgery ( Full Answer )

Why are africans stupider than other races?

Africans are not stupider than other races. The reason there is a large number of Africans "dumber" than most races is because of "LACK OF EDUCATION".

How many races or what races have been subjected to slavery other than Africans?

Now I've heard it said before that "RACE doesn't actually exist." That even though we all look different, in reality: "we are all ONE HUMAN RACE." That being said, I'll tell all who can read this the REAL TRUTH. That although our yokes are seemingly invisible to us, WE ARE ALL ON THIS PLANET ACTUALL ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between skeletal and other muscles?

Skeletal muscle is voluntary muscle that moves bones. It has longcells with striations and it is sometimes called striated muscle. Smooth muscle is slow moving, and is not controlled by the mind. Itis also has the same functional units as skeletal muscle but it isharder to see. The last is cardiac m ( Full Answer )

Did slavery start with African American or before with another race?

They were'nt African-American at first, only Africans. . Slavery has pretty much always existed, as far back as there arehistoric sources that can be researched. . Ancient Romans held slaves, as well as the old Greeks. . Warring tribes of Native Americans weren't above using eachother as slaves e ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between African Americans and Muslims?

There is no difference among the people who believe in Islam. Theybelieve in One God (Allah in Arabic), the same holy book, theQur'an, they offer their prayer five times a day facing towardsholy Ka'abah. They have the same fundamental beliefs irrespectiveof the part of the world they live.