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The name 'Medusa' would be appropriate for a type of cement, because Medusa, in Greek mythology, had the ability to turn people into stone if they looked her in the eyes. I suppose that stone is similar to cement, making it an appropriate name.

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Medusa's gaze turned mortals to stone.

A Medusa is a type of jellyfish

Kinds of portland cement:Type - 1 - Ordinary portland cementType - 2 - Portland pozzolana cementType - 3 - Rapid hardening cementType - 4 - Low heat cementType - 5 - Sulphate resisting cement.

It is a type of glue used for gluing pipes together... (not the type of cement in concrete).

type of cement using in cambodia

A Medusa Jellyfish is a type of Jellyfish and lives in the sunlit zone(maybe).

White cement,ordinary Portland cement,Portland pozolana cement

Typically you would need about 30% more type I cement to attain the same early strength gain as Type III cement.

Yes there is a Medusa silly band................. if you go on eBay type in monster bandz or Medusa silly bandz and you will see :_)

Medusa is a monster from Greek mythology. If she looks at somebody, she turns them to stone.

Medusa was one of the three "gorgons" their job was to turn people into stone.

To ensure it complies with the specifications for the type of cement and the use to which it is put.

Type-I - Ordinary portland cement used in general constructionType-II - Portland pozzolana cement , moderate heat of hydrationType- III - Rapid hardening cement used for quick setting worksType-IV - low heat cement, low heat of hydrationType-V - Sulphate resisting cement used in sewage linings,marine construction.

medusa was a mortal woman who was made in to a hiddiuse gorgon, along with her to sisters, bt Athena

Type K cement is slightly expansive and helps reduce the shrinkage issues associated with normal cement in concrete mixes. Cement fondu is an accelerated cement that provide concrete higher earlier strength. It does not specifically compensate for shrinkage

The difference between a jellyfish and a coral is a polyp is a type of coral and a Medusa is a type of jellyfish. Polyp and Medusa are two basic forms of cnidarians

Depends on type of cement , but it is a Minimum of 35MPa at 28 days

A winged horse. The type of animal is a pegasus but his name was it as well. The son of Medusa, brother of Chryslor Belerphon's mount

plaster of Paris is one name. you can try wikipedia just type it in and scroll down to find answer.

no cement can not rust unless you add some type of iron or material that can oxidize into it

it is a sedimentary rock

It makes a wet-like gray liquid that is similar to cement but it's actually like a wet type of cement.

it depends on the type of mix and water cement ratio.

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