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Q: Why is the nose important?
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Related questions

What is the most important part of the nose?

the most important part of the nose is the nasiels

What is important in breathing nose or mouth?

Definitely nose

Why does human nose have hair?

Hair is important to the human nose. It provides filtration for incoming air.

Why is nose hair important?

It is because it collects dirt!!!!

Why is it important to breath through your nose?

The nose and nasal passages have hairs and mucous designed to filter the air.

3 functions of the nose?

The 3 main functions of the nose is to smell, breath, and release mucous. It is important to have the nose as an exit point for the buildup of mucous.

Is hair important to human nose?

Yes. It prevents larger particles in the air from traveling to your lungs.

What body part is more important on a chimp?

The nose is a very important body part, but hearing is important, too.

Why is it important to breathe through your nose than your mouth?

It isn't

What ways are the nose and throat important to your body?

Your nose and throat serve as a passageway, you inhale through your nose and your throat (or trachea) transports food to your stomach and air to your lungs

How many important features of the face are there?

eyes, ears, mouth and your nose.

Is it important to blow your nose after you sneeze?

Not always. People blow their noses after they sneeze, because they might feel as if there is snot in their nose. If it is necessary.

Can cats have breathing problems from a broken nose?

Cats do not normally breathe out of the mouth, so the nose is very important for a feline to breathe. A broken nose can cause breathing problems in a cat.

What are the proper care of the nose?

The main thing you need to do to care for your nose is keep the outside clean just as you do the rest of your face. During colds and other illnesses, it is important to keep the nose blown clear of mucus.

What are the most important parts of a rocket?

there is the nozzle, the fins, the nose cone, the pumps, and the frame

Why is wafting chemicals important?

directly inhaling some chemicals can damage ones nose

How do you get rid of the stuffy nose from using Cocaine?

Some useful tips for dealing with your nasal congestion without using any specific stuffy nose remedies can also be helpful. Its really important to keep drinking and stay hydrated, this helps to thin out the mucus lining in your nose. Exercise is also really helpful, this can both relax you and help to clear your nose. The most important tip is to not over blow your nose, this can really irritate it and just inflame it more.

Why is it important to avoid touching your face nose or mouth chewing gum eating or smoking when handling food?

the importance of avoiding touching face nose when working with food

Why is it important to cover your mouth or nose when you sneeze or cough?

Because coughs and sneezes spread diseases

Why are your important organs on your head?

the eyes nose ear and mouth are on the head because they are the closest to your brain

What important things happened in 2006?

A flubby did a flubbo and a mucho got pulled out of a nose. EGH!

What ways are the nose important to your body?

It helps you brethe and gives us a chance to live our life ...

Do you need a nose?

no, you do not need a nose. who nose...i nose

What is a good ending sentence for a paragraph that has to do with differences between the nose and mouth?

In conclusion, a nose and a mouth both serve important functions but are still very different. or u could just say very simply this is how the nose and the mouth differ

What could cause a bump outside your nose?

A bump on the nose could be a pimple or a sebaceous cyst of some kind. It is important to have a doctor see it. Infections near the sinuses can be dangerous.

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