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Why is the ocean water salty?

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Salt is dissolved from the Earth and transported by rivers in oceans and seas.

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Q: Why is the ocean water salty?
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How salty is ocean water?

Ocean water is 3.5% salty

Salty ocean water is an example of what type of substance?

salty ocean water is a solution.

Is sea water salty?

Sea and ocean water is salty.

Is ocean water the same as river water?

No, it is not. Ocean water is salty. Hence "salt water." River water is not salty. It is fresh water.

What does the ocean have?

* salty water

A place where fresh water from rivers mixes with salty ocean water is a?

An estuary is the place when river water mixes with seawater (salty ocean water).

Is ocean water salty?

Yes, it is.

Is the Atlantic ocean salt water or fresh water?

The Atlantic Ocean is salt water.

What oceans are salty?

yes, they are salty ,with the help of sea water and ocean water we make salt.

How much fresh water is in the Pacific Ocean?

The Pacific ocean is salty, there is no fresh water in it.

Why does ocean water taste salty?


How does ocean water taste like?


What kind of substance is ocean?

Water, salty.

What is a place where rivers flow into oceans and have very salty water but not as salty as the ocean?

The place where a river flows into an ocean and fresh water mixes with salt water is known as a delta. The water that is less salty than seawater is known as brackish water.

Does the Antarctic ocean have fresh water?

the arctic ocean has salt water.

Is the water raound Greenland salty?

Yes, it is ocean water

Why is the river water fresh and the ocean water salty?

Because river water is fresh and ocean water is salt water.

Why isn't water salty?

Some water is salty. The ocean and some lakes are salt water. It depends on how many minerals are dissolved in the water.

Where would you find salty water?

The sea or the ocean.

What is the biggest body of salty water?

The Pacific Ocean.

What is a five letter word for salty water?


What is the type of liquid found in the ocean?

salty water

Is the beach or ocean highly salted water?

yes they are of salty water

Is the ocean water more salty or less salty near the North pole and South pole?


Why don't humans drink ocean water?

its because its too salty you wouldn't want to drink salty water would you?