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Why is the over flow tank full when the car is overheating?

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That is were the coolant goes when it expands. Sounds like coolant isn't circulating or it is being forced out of the system.

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Will coolant spill out of the over flow tank if the car is to hot?

put coolant into my over flow car was running hot and the coolant erupted like a volcano on the side of the over flow

What happens when you over fill the coolant tank?

The car normally pushes it out the over flow.

Why is my BMW 323i overheating I replaced the thermostat and expansion tank?

Why dose my 232i overheating

Where you add antifreeze on a 1999 Chevy Malibu?

in the over flow tank

What is the use of overflow pipe?

To drain the over flow from a tank or fixture

Why does hot water tank spurt water out over flow valve?

an arm

If the gas tank on 2007 Honda civic if too full will it overflow?

Well if you over fill it at the gas stand of course it will over flow, if you fill it to tyhe brim and replace your cap it will not over flow - unless your filler cap has a faulty seal, if it has a faulty seal the gas is likely to spill out while driving.

1989 Toyota Camry LE overheating at 65 to 70 mph slower speeds problem aleviated fluid level dropping but no sign of visible leak expansion tank over full mark Any suggestions?

Check the thermostat.

Why would a BMW 323i over heat?

There are a few things that you could check if your BMW is overheating. You should start with your thermostat and expansion tank.

Toilet tank over flow?

What exactly is overflowing? this can range from a blocked toilet to a faulty washer

How do you bleed cooling system on chevy malibu 3.1 liter v6?

Fill the over flow tank to where it should be and just run the engine as usual. The system bleeds itself, Just check the over flow tank to make sure there is enough coolant in it.

How much antifreeze to you add to a 2001 Ford Taurus?

Most of the time, when the engine is cool (not warm or hot), it should be filled to the line indicated on the over-flow tank. The anti-freeze over-flow tank is located on the passenger side with a large round top.

Where do you put antifreeze in a 1998 Eddie Baurer I only find the over flow tank I dont find a regular fill hole with pressure cap.?

the radiator is right in front on the motor, you can see it through the grill. but keep the over flow tank to the propper levels as well.

How many miles can you get on a full tank in an impala on the highway?

you may not believe me on this one but we drove from north bay Ontario to wawa Ontario on a full tank of gas... and that's over 652km

What is a time rate of change?

An example, of a rate of change over time is the emptying of a water tank by opening a valve at the bottom of the tank. The rate of flow through the valve is dependent n the pressure difference through the orifice(valve), controlled by the difference in the level of the water in the tank. As the water level drops the rate of flow drops because the pressure difference drops. The amount of time it will take to drain the tank completely can be calculated as a rate of change over time. Note: this rate of flow can be elevated by elevating the tank, thus a valve attached to the bottom of the tank directly will have a faster rate of change but slower rate of flow than a valve attached some distance below the tank.

How do you stop triumph stag v8 engine overheating?

Are you asking about the Triumph V-8 or a conversion V-8? Had two Stags converted to Rover/Buick V-8s. Easiest thing to keep from overheating was not to use a cross flow radiator. If you use a cross flow, you will end up with a air pocket in the engine. You can get a header tank off a TR-7 or TR-8 and take a tap off the top of the intake manifold. Need to put the tank higher than the engine.

How do you fill the radiator on a 2003 ford windstar?

In the 2002 model you fill it through the coolant over flow tank.

Does not start but turns over?

Out of gas? 99 vw passat will not start but turns over have full gas tank try to turn over

How long will a d oxygen tank last at 5 liters per minute?

Depends on how much pressure is left in the tank.Duration of Flow = Oxygen Tank Conversion Factor * Remaining Tank Pressure (psi) / Continuous Flow Rate (L/min).Conversion factor for D Tank = 0.16Assuming you have a full tank 350 liters at 4000 psi flowing 5L/minDuration = (.16*4000)/5 = 12.8 minutes

Why does the expansion tank steam but the car is not running hot?

it could be that it's a little over full

What is the name of the film where Eddie Murphy was in a tank that was overheating?

1984's Best Defense.

You have a 93 geo prizm lsi 13L you just changed the dash cluster and now your gas gauge reads a 14 too full how can you reset it so its right do you have to reset the computer if so how do you do tha?

If the gas gauge reads a little over full when the tank is actually full on a 93 Geo Prizm, that is normal. Sometimes, when filling the tank, it will register over the full mark. The computer can be reset by disconnecting the battery for a few minutes if the tank is not actually full.

How much is a full tank of petrol worth in a ferrari 430?

A full tank of petrol is worth as much as a full tank of petrol in any other car.

Can a milky substances in the radiator and the over flow tank mean you have a blow headgasket?

Yes You bet! it is probably the source of your problem.

What is the duration of MTV Full Tank?

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