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Because it is exceptionally rude. It implies that nothing that that person could have to say is important to you.

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Q: Why is the phrase ' shut up considered politically incorrect?
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Shut up in yoruba?

In Yoruba, the phrase shut up is "dake enu re."

What is the phrase shut up in Japanese?

damatte kudasai

What does Hall kaften mean?

The phrase "håll käften" means "shut the mouth", which in English is "shut up".

Are the dinobots in transformers 3 completely?

do not ever think that this is incorrect but i defidently know that the dinobots are in transformers 3 complete!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so shut up about the stupide incorrect theories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What does shutties mean?

It's just a slang term for the phrase "shut up." (:

Is the phrase ferme la bouche french?

Yes it means Shut your mouth!

Alternative phrase for hiring and firing?

laid off; shut down; terminated

Is shut down one word or two?

It depends on the situation, but generally it would be considered as two - shut and down.

What is the meaning of the phrase can it you nit?

"Can it" means "shut up!" "You nit" is an insult -- a nit is a baby louse.

What does the cowboy slang 'shut pan' mean?

Cowboys loved a colorful phrase! This wasn't one you wanted to hear, though. It means "shut your mouth!"

Did medieval people say shut up?

I'd assume they would say something like: "Silence" "Hold your tongue" Shut up is more of a modern phrase.

What is the phrase 'shut up' when translated from English to French?

femme la bush (sp)

What is ferme ta gueule?

"ferme ta gueule" is a French phrase. It is translated as "shut your mouth" in English.

Why does your 95 Mazda protege shut off on acceleration?

A 95 Mazda Protege will shut off during acceleration if the air and fuel mixture is drastically incorrect. A vacuum leak or fuel flow restrictions can both cause this problem.

What is the phrase 'shut up' when translated from English to Japanese?

DAMARE! I yell that alot my annoying....relatives

Spiritual translation of shut the door?

in spiritual sense 5 senses are considered as venting doors to mind. so you have to shut before meditation for concentration.

Past tense of ajar?

The best way to phrase it would be to place "was" directly before ajar Example: "The door was ajar, Then I shut it."

What should you do if people won't shut up about how great you are?

Well, for starters, humble yourself. I promise people will stop saying how great you are. Also, you may be incorrect in your assumptions.

How do you say shut up in Mayan?

I can't fact check my answer 100%, but I was told many years ago by a young man who claimed to be fluent in mayan, that the correct phrase for "shut up" was "Tsa 'u pa che"

What is the origin of the phrase 'shut up'?

"The origin of the term shut-up originated around the 500 b.c. When the king miller would get annoyed by his fat jester sir Corey XV, he would use the term, ungato mr.roboto, AKA SHUT YOUR MOUTH. Thank you for listening friends"

Who invented the phrase shut up?

The phrase "shut up" is not attributed to any specific or any one person. It likely originated from homes and farm life when window openings needed wood moved across the openings to "shut them up". It could also have originated with "shutting up" livestock in pens or barns. Over time, rather than "shut up" meaning "to close up" windows/doors/openings in buildings/cabins, the phrase focused more on stopping sounds or noise. This may be because animals tend to quiet when in enclosures where predators cannot stalk them, and the farm animals cannot see or smell predators. Examples of "close up" as "shut up": I shut up our cow, Bessie, in the barn. The horses are shut up in there with her. (closed up within) We shut up our meat reserves in the smoke house. They had to close and shut up the hunter's cabin. Little did the Alaskan family realize they would not return there for a decade. Being shut up in the house all day while it rained caused me 'cabin fever', another idiom of the past that is still used today. I had to tell my younger brother to "Shut up" dozens of times while we were stuck inside!

Where does the phrase put your foot in your mouth originate from?

It's a mixture of someone telling you to kick yourself in the teeth, and shut up at the same time

What is the English translation of the French phrase 'Ferme la bouche'?

"Shut your mouth!" is a literal English equivalent of the French phrase Ferme la bouche!Specifically, the imperative verb ferme is "close, shut". The feminine singular definite article la means "the". The feminine noun bouche translates as "mouth".The pronunciation will be "fehrm lah boosh" in French.

What words rhyme with shut up?

To rhyme a phrase, find words that rhyme with each word in the phrase and then try to put them together in order to fit into your poem or lyrics, or whatever you are writing. Words that rhyme with shut but cut gut hut jut mutt nut putt rut slut smut tut Words that rhyme with up cup pup sup I can't really see saying to anyone "Shut up, mutt cup," but it is sort of funny. :)

What does this phrase mean golden lad?

shut up u retards im doin it with my wife get away shes tkin off her bra u *&$#@