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The finish plaster is normally white all the way through. It sounds like you are dealing with a pool that has been replastered by the method of putting a "brown coat"/"scratch coat" (the gray plaster you noted) over the original finish plaster surface, and a new finish coat of white plaster on top of that. The scratch coat more like a thin concrete than plaster (doesn't have the white marble dust in it) and is used to get a better bond to the old surface.

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Q: Why is the plaster on a gunite pool gray in the middle and white on the gunite side and white on the outside?
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Is plaster of Paris and white cement the same?

No, plaster of Paris and white cement are not the same. Plaster of Paris is a porous material that will disintegrate outside in the rain. White cement is more durable and should last outside in the rain.

What is marsite?

Marcite is a "plaster" made from marble dust and white cement. It's put on top of the gunite and gives the pool a smooth finish and bright luster.

What is the best type of plaster to refinish a Gunite pool?

Marbelite is the most common. Made up of crushed marble dust and white cement, the mixture is 2 parts marble dust and one part white cement

Why is plaster pink?

There are many types (formulas/components) of Plaster. "Normal" plaster, if there is such a thing is usually White. Plaster is easily colored by using color additives when it is mixed.

How can you clean white plaster walls?

Just paint it white!!

What is the recipe for plaster coating on a gunite pool sufficient to repair an area measuring 2 square feet and one-half inch depth?

A reputed recipe for pool plaster on a gunite pool is 1 part white cement to 2 parts white (preferably quartz or silica) sand. You should probably also add a bonding agent to the mix to make sure that your new plaster adheres to the old. All of these can be found at pretty much any home repair or hardware store. Mix the dry ingredients first and then make a shallow depression and gradually add water till you have the consistency similar to chunky peanut butter. Add the bonding agent per the instructions on the package and you are ready to go. Good luck!

Will a pool with light gray plaster be warmer than a pool with white plaster?

From possibly to somewhat.

Why did they use plaster walls in the himeji castle?

The japanese put white plaster on the walls because it is fireproof

Is the cost worth upgrading to Hydrazzo finish vs regular white plaster pool?

Yes, it is worth the cost to upgrade to Hydrazzo finish vs regular white plaster pool, it gives a fine smooth finish and is more durable. White plaster is least durable.

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Is there any way to remove dark spots or 'burn marks' after 30-inch chlorine tablets are left on the bottom of a gunite plaster pool?

The black (burn) marks show up on Gray plaster pools. White plaster pools will show up as a yellow or rust color. Remove the tabs and put them in a proper floating devise, the marks will go away in time. Try using wet and dry sand paper on the burn marks to reduce their visibility and roughened plaster.. additionally, tablets of any size should NEVER be placed or tossed into the pool or skimmer. K

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Does a dark-colored pool plaster hold in the heat better than a white pool plaster?

It makes very little difference

Why is drywall white?

Drywall is white because is most commonly made from gypsum plaster. Gypsum is a chalky white substance.

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Do you have to replaster the entire pool to fix a crack in the plaster on one area?

No, the plaster can be patched. But how good the patch looks depends on several things like the color of the plaster, its age, and the person doing the patching. New, white plaster would be the easiest to patch while old, colored plaster would be more difficult to do satisfactorily.

What colour plaster casts can you get?

Red, green, blue, pink and white.

What was the white powder being collected by the holcane?

lime to plaster the buildings

Difference between Calcium sulfate and Plaster of Paris?

Plaster of Paris is a TYPE of calcium sulfate that when mixed with water forms a soild that can be moulded, calcium sulfate is the white powder used to make plaster, and other items.

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Is gypsum a soft mineral?

Yes it is: A widespread colorless, white, or yellowish mineral, CaSO4·2H2O, used in the manufacture of plaster of Paris, various plaster products, and fertilizers.

What are the uses of white cement?

white cement is used in the production of POP(plaster of paris) for buildings in place of ceiling boards

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