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Because they are like kids around the cookie jar. One in never enough. When you make concessions, someone always wants "just a little more".

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Q: Why is the policy of appeasement not likely to result in a lasting peace when used with an aggressive nation?
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What Policy of avoiding war with an aggressive nation by giving into its demands?

The policy is referred to as 'Appeasement'.

What is the attempt to conciliate an agressor nation by making concessions?


The attempt to conciliate an aggressor nation by making concessions to it is called?


What is Appeasement?

Generally speaking, appeasement is a foreign policy term that speaks to a nations relationships to other nations. A nation with a foreign policy of appeasement usually infers that certain types of unruly behavior is allowed by other nations as a way to maintain peace, rather than confrontation other than dialogues concerning the situation. The classic example of this appeasement policy is the way France and England allowed Nazi Germany to break the Treaty of Versailles and other situations. The Allies, France and England, went along or appeased Hitler in order to avoid a war. If appeasement is practiced where issues are minor, then perhaps accommodation is a better term.

Why is appeasement important?

The idea of appeasing your enemy to keep him at arms length away from you is a good idea in theory to protect yourself. But, enemies do not always stay appeased. Appeasement does not really work if the enemy is not appeased as in the case of Adolf Hitler. He went against every nation that tried the appeasement tactic with him.

What was a result of Britain's appeasement policy?

In the years leading up to World War II, Great Britain (as well as France) indulged in an appeasement policy toward Germany and other aggressor-nations. One negative result was that it encouraged Germany, in particular, to continue making demands and engaging in aggressive policies. On the other hand, it undeniably bought time for the nation to rearm and otherwise prepare for the war that increasingly seemed to be a certainty.

What were the lasting results of the Vietnam war for Vietnam?

One nation instead of two.

Why Italy withdraw from the league of nation?

Because of the aggressive politics of Germany and Japan

How did the appeasement policy lead to the outbreak of ww2?

Appeasement led to the outbreak of World War II mainly by giving the aggressor-nation, Germany, the confidence that it could act without fear of retribution. Its ultimatum to Poland in 1939 was powerfully motivated by this confidence, although in fact it was this action that finally led to the end of appeasement -- and war.

Which is the most aggressive nation on Earth?

The US which uses military force as an extension of politics .

Which best reflects president Lincoln's hopes for reconstruction?

Bind the nation and creating lasting peace.

What is a policy of appeasement?

Appeasement is a diplomatic/political policy whereby one nation or set of nations "appeases" another (or several others) by giving in to demands or even actions of some kind. Appeasement was enacted quite famously in the 1930s by the British and French governments, as they gave in to German demands and actions alike without any hostile reaction, sometimes even with formal approval.

Lasting influence of the Declaration of Independence?

The most profound ramification of The Declaration of Independence is the United States being a sovereign nation. Every nation around the world recognizes the United States as its own nation.

What lasting effects of the Korean war?

Korea remains a divided nation with a communist North and a free South.

Why did Lincoln take a generous approach toward the south?

He wanted to unify the nation and create lasting peace.

Which best reflects presidents Lincolns hopes for reconstruction?

I think that it is to bind the nation together and create a lasting peace.

Does nation against nation mean like a revolution?

No, it would more likely mean a war.

Which nation or nations would the british be most likely to come into conflict with in the New World?

The most likely nation that british would come to is the one that has the most wanted things in their nation because british does not have many things to live from.

What does the word Amazon mean?

A member of a nation of women warriors. Reputed to be tall, aggressive and strong willed who lived in Scythia.

When was the editorial It's Time for a Nation to Return the Favor most likely written?

The editorial "It's Time for a Nation to Return the Favor" was most likely written after Hurricane Katrina.

Which European nation colonized America?

it is most likely to be england

A nation in which loess would likely be found today is?


What is aggressive imperialism?

Generally speaking, the term of aggressive imperialism, can be defined as using armed conflict to gain territory or sphere's of influence in an underdeveloped nation. Aggression is used as the population of the area targeted for imperialism, has resisted the aggressor.

Do you thing Hitler could have been stopped if the world hadn and rsquot appeased him?

Appeasement seemed to do nothing but encourage him to further acts of aggression. Appeasement is defined as: to yield or concede to the belligerent demands of (a nation, group, person, etc.) in a conciliatory effort, sometimes at the expense of justice or other principles. In other words, just give the bully your lunch money and he will leave you alone. What stopped Hitler was the Allies beating the German nation to pieces.

The editorial It's Time for a Nation to Return the Favor was most likely written?

The editorial It's Time for a Nation to Return the Favor was most likely written soon after Hurricane Katrina hit.