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Why is the presidents powers limited?


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They don't want another Hitler happening. Hitler abused his power to ban other political parties to force people to vote for Hitler every time there was a vote. Power is now limited to presidents to prevent that from happening^.

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it makes the presidents power limited and makes congress more powerfull

No, not according to the Constitution. In 1973, Congress passed the War Powers Resolution in response to repeated violations by presidents. The War Powers Resolution allows the President to send a limited amount of troops to a conflict for a limited time.

The powers of a ruler a limited in their kingdom under a constitutional monarchy.

Limited government is essential for a democracy because limited government is the restriction on the powers of the government. If these powers were restricted, then our democracy's leaders would have all the powers.

it is limited by the bill of rights

I believe all presidents have used consumer in chief powers because that is what a president is... a commander in chief.

a limited government is a government with limited powers & vise versa

You are only limited to a certain amount of powers.

All three branches are limited and that is where the term checks and balances comes from. The legislative branch has to send the bill to the president before it becomes law. If the presidents wants a person for a position he has to have congress approval.

Yes- these duties and powers are spelled out in Constitution.

his economic policies were only achieved to the fall of the Articles of Condeferation and the rise of the constitution adopted by only 9 of the 13 states. the constitution made a new government with limited powers for judiciary power. presidents were limited also .

Presidents don't have legislative power. Congress has legislative powers. Presidents don't make laws.

The powers of the federal government are limited by the constitutional (tenth admendment)

because of their sketchy constitutional powers and lack of ensured legislative majorities

Selene is a Titan goddess of the Moon: but the powers of a goddess can not be limited by mortal imagination.

i think george washington

a type of government in which its functions and powers are prescribed, limited and restricted by law.

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