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Q: Why is the rainbow trout shaped differently from the bluegill?
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What does a rainbow trout fish look like?

rainbow trout get there name from the colours that shine in there skin. rainbow trout rock!

Do rainbow trout have scales?

Yes, rainbow trout do have scales.

Is a rainbow trout a fish?

Yes, a Rainbow Trout is a fish.

Are rainbow trout diurnal?

Yes, Rainbow trout are diurnal.

What is a rainbow trout body shape?

It's shaped almost like a long bar of soap or rugby ball.

Is rainbow fish and rainbow trout the same?

The rainbowfish is not the same as rainbow trout.

What trout is considered the fishermans trout?

Rainbow trout

Do rainbow trout eat small rainbow trout?

Yes, trout are a cannibal fish. They eat their own species.

What is the Rainbow trout's scientific name?

its name is a rainbow trout

Do rainbow trout eat shrimp?

a hungry rainbow trout will eat anything

Why is rainbow trout called rainbow trout?

Rainbow trout get their name from the colours that shine in it's skin. Rainbow trout are silver fish, but often will have some red/orange colourings down both their sides - these shine especially when help in the sunlight. It is these rainbow colours in the fish that give it it's name. For images of rainbow trout visit our site:

Where can you buy a pet rainbow trout?

well, first of all, you can not buy rainbow trout. i know i know rainbow trouts are popular fish but buying a pet rainbow trout is impossible. if you really want to get a pet rainbow trout, then get a hunters purmit and go catch one

What is a kind of trout?

rainbow trout

A kind of fish found in NZ?

Some Edible Fish in NZ - Hoki, Terakihi, Kahawai, Trout, Rainbow Trout, Snapper, Shark, Gurnard, Inanga (Whitebait), Bluenose, Bluegill, Kingfish, Marlin, Tuna, Flounder, Trevally, John Dory, Cod, Moki, Hapuku...

A tourist attraction in Rotorua where rainbow trout can be seen?

Fairy springs is where you can see Rainbow trout

What are the predators of the rainbow trout fish?

Brown trout eat rainbow trout. So do people and other predatory birds, mammals, and fish.

What is the scientific name of a rainbow trout?

The scientific name of a Rainbow Trout is Oncorhynchus mykiss.

What class do rainbow trout fish belong to?

The rainbow trout, also known as a steelhead, belongs to the classActinopterygii.

Is a rainbow trout a herbivore?

No, rainbow trout will eat insects on the water top, as well as smaller fish.

Where is the trout on the food chain?

Where is the rainbow trout on the foodweb

Is a rainbow trout a mammal?

No, all trout are fish.

Florida ecologists sampled Lake George to estimate the number of rainbow trout in the lake Out of 156 fish 18 were rainbow trout About how many rainbow trout should they expect to find in a sample500?


Do rainbow trout shoal?

I've fished Rainbow Trout all my life in Utah and I have never seen nor experienced Rainbow shoaling. In fact, I have never witnessed any of the other trout species shoaling.

How do you distinguish between a rainbow trout and a lake trout?

The lake trout is not a true trout, but a char, related to the brook trout. Besides normally being larger than the rainbow, they have white fin edges, and light spots on a dark background. True trout have dark spots on a light background. The rainbow has a reddish lateral stripe as well.

What is the difference between rainbow trout and German brown trout?

Rainbow trout are silvery in color and are far more common in the Western United States. Rainbow trout are the main trout planted in the Western United States. Rainbow trout resemble small salmon and they do not have spots like the Brown trout (or the Brook trout.) Rainbow trout come in two main varieties; hatchery rasied, and wild. The hatchery trout do not "fight" nearly as much as the wild variety. Regarding brown trout, every one I have caught, fought very hard. No that is not a scientific study, rather anecdotal evidence base on 40 years of fishing in California.