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because no free radicals are involved in the reaction process

only carbo cations and Cl- are evolved which are ionic !!!

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If ethene reacts with chlorine the only product is CH2 Cl-CH2Cl What type of reaction took place?

This is an addition reaction, as the double carbon-carbon bond in ethene breaks to accomodate the two chlorine atoms. Product is 1,2, dichloroethane

Why addition reaction takes place in ethene and ethyne but not in ethane?

why addition reaction take place in ethene and ethyne but not in ethane

Which compounds take part in an addition reaction?

Ethene undergoes addition reaction

Why is the reaction of ethene with bromine called an addition?

The explanation is that from two chemical entities is obtained another by addition (Br to ethene).

Why addition reactions occur in ethene and ethyne but not in ethane?

addition reaction take place in ethene and ethyne because they are unsaturated hydrocarbones and in ethane all its vallency are fully satisfied

Ethene reacts with water to form ethanol This type of raction is called?

Electrophilic addition reaction Also, it's a hydration reaction, since you are adding water to the alkene (in this case, ethene).

What is the chemical reaction of ethene?

Ethene has a double bond between the two carbon atom (i.e. unsaturation) and generally will give addition reactions to form saturated compounds.

What kind of chemical reaction takes place between water and ethane to form ethanol?

Only ethene react with water to form ethanol.

C2H4 plus H2O equals?

This reaction is an example of a 'hydration' or 'addition' reaction of alkenes: (ethene + water) C2H4 + H2O --> C2H5OH (ethanol) The reaction is catalysed by H+ ions (acid)

What is the process by which ethene is obtained through ethanol?

ethene is obtained truogh ethanol by...condesation reaction.

Name the addition product formed by ethene and water?

Ethene reacts with water in presence of sulphuric acid and forms Ethyl alcohol.

What is the equation for the reaction of ethene and bromine?

Br2+C2H4 --> C2H4Br2

What is the product from the reaction between iodine and ethene?

1,2- iodoethane

Why is the reaction of ethene with bromine called an addition reaction?

Br2 + C2H4 → C2H4Br2 ORBr2 + CH2=CH2 → BrCH2CH2BrThe name of the reaction is pretty intuitive. Ethene's double bond is broken which leaves room for bromine to be added to form dibromoethane.

Is Polythene a hyrdocarbon?

Yes. It is an addition polymer of ethene so it is a hydrocarbon.

How can you distinguish between ethene and ethyne by means of a chemical reaction?

Ethyne is acidic in nature and is soluble in aqueous solution of NaOH while ethene does not.

What is polydichloroethene?

It is a polymer (a type of plastic) of dichloro ethene formed by addition polymerization.

What is the product of the reaction between ethene and acidified potassium manganate 7?

ethene is oxidized by potassium manganate 7 KMnO4 into CH3COOH or ethanoic acid

Is ethene gas a single bond?

No, ethylene (ethene) has a carbon-carbon double bond, in addition to four other single bonds between carbon and hydrogen.

What is the chemical equation for the production of ethanol from ethene?

The chemical reaction is:C2H4 + H2O = C2H5OH

Wrapping the fruits in a newspapers cause them to ripen quickly has a scientific basis?

the concentration of ethene is more inside becuz you wrap it and it cannot escape... ethene helps in the reaction in the fruit

Describe the formation of polyethene as an example of additional polymerisation of monomer units?

Alkene such as ethene contain c=c double bond.Hence these molecules can take part in addition reaction where the double bond is broken and other atoms attach to the carbon across the double bond to form large molecule such as polyethene. Here the ethene is the monomer and polyethene the addition polymer which is formed under high pressure, heat and by using a catalyst.

What is an examples of product?

A product is anything which you get out of a reaction. For instance when you react ethene with hydrogen you get ethane as the product.

Product of alcoholic silver nitrate with ethyl bromide reaction?

ethyl nitrite

What organic chemical reaction will make an alkane like ethane to become a double bonded 2 carbon chain?

You are trying to reduce ethane to ethene, I am guessing. That is a very hard reaction to do... probably you will have to do a free radical halogenation on ethane to form 1-chloroethane, followed by an E2 reaction with t-butoxide or some other bulky base to form ethene. Since ethane and ethene are both gases and cheaply available from petroleum cracking, this reaction really isn't worth doing.