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Why is the red oil light blinking when the indicator is on for a 1970 Bug?

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There may be a grounding problem in the dash light assembly, or the shield that contains the light may be damaged.

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Why is your Green dash light on in 1970 beetle?

oil temp- 1970 1600 sp euro bug

What is the red indicator light mean on a 1961 vw bug in the speedometer?

If memory serves me right it is the low oil pressure light.

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What is the cylinder sequence on a 1970 bug with a 1600 dual port motor?

What is the cylinder sequence on a 1970 bug with a1600 dual port moter?

Where is the brake light switch located on a 1970 VW beatle?

The brake light switch on that bug would be found on the brake master cylinder. Remove the fuel tank to make access easier.

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What size piston rings fit a 1970 vw bug?


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There is no 'clutch switch' on a Beetle.

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roughly 28 to 30 mpg ,totally stock unaltered engine

Will a 1970 VW window fit a 1969 VW bug?

yes. but you will have to yous the old seal from the 1969

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