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1. Outer space contains virtually no gas/dust to scatter light.

Outer space is black.

2. The sky is blue because that's the colour of air (mostly nitrogen), which is not totally colourless. You can see this effect looking at distant (10 km-plus) mountains. They have a blue tinge (caused by the intervening air between you and the mountains) known as atmospheric perspective.

3. If the sky's colour was due to reflection from the oceans, then it would be white above Antarctica, which is snowy white.

4. If the ocean was blue because it reflects the sky, why does it still look blue-ish when under a totally clouded-over sky?

5. Why blue? Light scattering by the atmosphere (Rayleigh scattering) has most effect on the most energetic light. The most energetic light is that with the highest frequency/shortest wavelength.

6. So, while all light is scattered, blue light is scattered the most, so the atmosphere "captures" more of the blue light, letting more of the red light through, and the atmosphere is coloured blue by that "captured" light.

7. If there were *no* selective scattering, and all wavelengths were scattered *equally*, the sky would appear white.

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Q: Why is the sky and sea blue?
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Is the sea blue or is it the reflection of the sea?

The sea is blue because it reflects of the sky so when the sky is blue the sea is blue and when the sky is grey the sea is grey. hope this helped ashley

Is the sky blue because the sea is blue?

No, the sky is not blue because the sea is blue. The sea water is actually clear, not blue, so we can automatically rule out that the sky is blue because the sea is blue. However, if you see the sea as blue, then it's more correct to say the sea is blue because the sky is blue.

Is there a blue sea?

yes all the seas are blue but not the RED sea that is red of course but if you thought the sky made the sea blue you were horribly rong the sea makes the sky blue!!!!!

What is a simile about the sea?

The sea is as blue has the sky

Why sky is blue because?

The sky is blue just from the reflection of the sea so if the sky is clear and blue then the sea would be clear and blue and if the sky was grey and dull then the sea would be grey and dull just at night because their is no sun to reflect off of the sea. so at night the sea would be dark.

Is the sea blue because of the sky?

Yes, it's like a blurry mirror reflecting the colour of the sky. When the sky is clear and blue, the sea will be blue. When it's grey, the sea will always follow suit!

Why are sky is white?

reflection of the sea (blue sky)

Why sea looks blue?

the sea looks blue as it reflects the colour off the sky;which is blue. in actual fact, the sea-or any water-has no colour of its own so if the sky was green, the sea would appear green too... why the sky is blue... dont ask me! :)

Why is it the deep blue seas are brilliant blue?

The sea is naturally clear then what ever colour the sky is the sea is. It is a reflection of the sky.

Complete the simile as blue as?

as blue as sea

Is the sky blue or the sea blue?

The sky is blue and it reflects off the ocean so it is blue too. That's why when the sky is grey they ocean is grayish.

Why the seas are blue?

The sea is blue because of the reflection from the sky.

Why does sea water appear blue?

because the sky is blue

What makes the sea blue?

The reflection of the sky and the sun in the water.

Why the is sea is blue?

I think it reflects the sky

Why the sea is colored blue?

The sea is not blue. It is actually clear, but the density of the salt water, with plankton algae and other organisms, catches the color of the sky which is usually blue, making the sea appear blue. I don't know why the sky is blue and idk why the red sea is red. Lol

Is the sea colour blue red black blue or red blue black?

its white.. but the sky reflects the ocean wich makes it blue (the sky is blue)

Why is the color of the water at the sea is greenish blue?

The colour of the sea is greenish blue because of the reflection of the sky

Why does the sea look blue?

Because of the reflection of the sky.

A sky blue colour starting with a?

The word 'azure' can be applied to sea or sky blues.

Why sea water is blue?

It reflects the sky. e.g. When you have a glass of water, and you look through, it is clear. But when you are out in the sea you can sea the blue because it is reflecting.

What does the Blue means on the Argentina flag?

It represents the sky and the sea. An Argentinian hythm says so. "One wing is blue for the sea and the other is coloured by the sky" or something like that.

What colors are the sky?

The sun gives of light the form of white light. The sun's light is reflected by the sea which is blue. This is why the sky is blue.

Why is sea water blue?

Because the water reflects the color of the sky, and the skies are blue.

What is a good name for a blue puffle?

blue sky water sea blue weal Lionel Messi