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It was named in honor of the southern county of Hampshire England.

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Q: Why is the state of New Hampshire called New Hampshire?
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What is New Hampshire's nickname?

New Hampshire is called the Granite State.The Granite State

Why did John Mason called New Hampshire New Hampshire?

John Mason named the state New Hampshire because, back in England, there was a colony there that was called Hampshire, so they named it New Hampshire, and if you were wondering why they named it NEW Hampshire, that was because of copyright.

Which state is called the granite state?

new hampshire

What is New Hampshire also called?

It's called the granite state.

New Hampshire facts?

New Hampshire's state bird is the Purple Finch.New Hampshire's state tree is the White Birch.New Hampshire's state flower is the Purple Lilac.Llast but not least New Hampshire's state capital is Concord

What is New Hampshire's state nickname?

The Granite StateIt is called the Granite State for its many quarrys.

What is New Hampshire's state number?

New Hampshire was the ninth US State.

What is New Hampshire's state fruit?

New Hampshire's state fruit is the pumpkin?

Was New Hampshire a territory before it became a state?

New Hampshire was not a territory before it became a state. The New Hampshire Grant actually became the state of Vermont.

What is New Hampshire's state rock?

New Hampshire designated Granite as the offical state rock in 1985. "The Granite State" is also New Hampshire's official nickname.

What state borders Canada Maine Vermont and Massachusetts?

New Hampshire.New HampshireNew HampshireNew Hampshire

What is the state flower of New Hampshire?

The state flower of New Hampshire is the purple lilac.

Which state is south of New Hampshire and Vermont?

the state under New Hampshire and vermont

Is New Hampshire a state?

Yes New Hampshire iwas the 9th US state.

What number state was New Hampshire?

New Hampshire became the ninth US State.

What is the state soil of New Hampshire?

The state soil of New Hampshire is Marlow soil.

What is the state capital of New Hampshire?

Concord is the capital of New Hampshire.

What number state is New Hampshire?

new hampshire is the nineth colonie and its state hood was in june21,1788

What is the New Hampshire state amphibian?

New Hampshire's state amphibian is the red-spotted newt.

Is New Hampshire a democratic state?

New Hampshire is a Democrat state.

What is the state size of New Hampshire?

New Hampshire was a small-state during the constitutional convention

What is the state abbreviation for New Hampshire?

New Hampshire's state abbreviation is NH.

When was New Hampshire State Police created?

New Hampshire State Police was created in 1937.

Answer my joke what is a pig favorite state?

What is a pig's favorite state? New Hampshire. Get it? New HAMpshire.

What is the state song of New Hampshire?

old New Hampshire