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Q: Why is the trposphere so important to Earth?
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Does weather happen in the troposphere?

Yes, all weather that we recognize occurs in the troposhere, the layer of the atmosphere closest to the earth's surface.

Where is air pressure greater in the exosphere or in trposphere?


How is the earth so important to your earth?

Because it is very important.

Why is energy so important to the earth?

because its is with out it there would be no earth.

The innermost layer of the atmosphere is the?

there are 5 layers of atmosphere.i think trposphere is the innermost layer of the atmosphere

Why is the sun so important to us on earth?

The sun is so important to us on Earth because it provides us with light and heat. There would be no life on Earth if it wasn't for the sun. The Earth would be a big frozen rock.

What is so important about the ISS?

It is important because its going to destroy the earth today

Why is a dragonfly so important to earth?

They eat mosquitoes!

What is so important about the layes of the earth?

greenhouse effect

How important is the sun to earth and the other planets?

we would die if the sun burned out. so yes it is important to earth and the other planets

Why the Earth's mantle important?

so we can live gte a tutor\

Why are models so important in earth science?

to help u answer it