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Try to see if distributer cap is clean. Also if your Van does not run properly after starting it is probably a problem with one of the injectors.

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Why is your 1995 7.5 diesel hard starting?

Try replacing glow plugs.

What are good ideas about starting an anti idling campaign?

this answer is hard to find

What does bad spark plugs do in dodge chargers?

bad gas mileage, hard starting, and basically bad performance.

Your 83 truck has a 305 it should have a good battery carbuerator and starter timing is on too you believe but it is hard to start why?

how about plugs, wires or ignition module

What causes engine hard starting and shaking after engine start?

Timing needs adjustment is the most likely cause.

Chrysler 300 and it has a transmission leak and your car has trouble starting at times is that because of the leak?

NO. Your transmission leak has nothing to do with hard starting. Have you replaced the spark plugs & plug wires?

Why is a 1993 subaru legacy hard to start hesitation when cold?

check fuel pressure, also a weak ignition coil or fould plugs could cause hard starting

Why does your 1989 camaro run rough and it is hard to start you have done a tune up plugs wired and air filter new mass senator?

it may be out of time have your timing checked

What are the Telltale signs your timing chain is stretched?

Poor performance on takeoff ... rotten gas mileage ... rough idling ... hard starting.

Do you have any ideas for costumes starting with M?

that's a hard one... try a music fairy or something or an Egyptian mummy

I have a 1995 Eclipse that has hard starting replaced plugs wire timing belt temp sensor once it started it seems to be loaded up with gas Then runs fine?

If you have upgraded turbo and fuel injectors, the motor is trying to start with too much gas pumping; it just needs more spark.

What effects can bad spark plugs have on your vehicle?

Bad spark plugs can have a variety of effects on the performance of your car's engine. Signs of bad spark plugs include a rough idle, engine hesitation, hard starting, check engine light illuminated with a DTC P0300 and reduced engine power.

Is there a timing chain on a 1997 Celica GT?

no it has a timing belt. it's not that hard to replaced

What are the Glow plug relay 1996 ford symptom?

Hard starting....cranks fine, won't fire. Add just a quick shot of starting fluid and it lights's glow plugs. Tricky replacement, but can be done.

What can bad spark plugs and wires do?

The first thing you'll notice is bad gasmileage that gets worse! Hard starting, then there will be misfire and rough idle, loss of power and eventually the engine will not start. The price of the new plugs and wires will be offset by the savings in gas!

How do you change sparkplugs on a 1998 Toyota Sienna?

Follow the plug wires and find the plugs. Sometimes the plugs can be hard to get out.

1988 318 dodge has a hard time starting and it stumbles a lot wehen accelerating I have replaced fuel lines fuel pump filter air filter adjusted the timing and it still has a problem any thoughts?

first, put a for sale sign on it. second, buy a chevy change the plugs and wires and cap and rotor? ceck the vacum advance

Why would a 2000 Chevy Blazer have a hard time starting?

Spark Plugs need replaced Bad or Old Distributor or even a weak fuel pump, or old fuel filter.

What would incorrect ignition timing cause?

Poor performance, poor fuel mileage, spark knock (aka ping), hard starting, engine run on, to name a few.

How do you change plugs on a 1997 Ford Explorer XLT 5.0?

The plugs are accessed through the fender wells. Not to hard to change.

Changing spark plugs on a exterra?

Ive JUST been starting to go over this myself. My 2004 Xterra has a 6 cyl., and only one of the plugs looks hard to get to back by the firewall. I am debating on whether Ill do this myself or pay someone to do it. Ill get back to you ASAP>

Ford Fiesta 1 8d you have replaced the batterystarter motor and glow plugs however its hard to start when cold and during start up theres smoke from the back?

injector problem or tweeking the pump timing may help

What could be causing your 2002 van to accelerate in reverse when backing out of your driveway in the morning and then have to go down hard on the brakes to get it to slow down or stop?

Simple. Check your timing. If your timing is off, the spark plugs will fire all at the wrong time, which could cause the pistons to reverse motion. about the stoping thing, I'm not sure.

What are sign of a timing belt problem?

Bad missfire and if ur car is hard to start then its a stretched timing belt.

Your 1999 Cavalier has a hard time starting after changing the spark plugs?

Incorrect spark plugs or wrong spark plug type or incorrect gap. All of thes things are critical. Wide gap or cold heat range make starting difficult. If you have an ecotec engine, #1 plug is also the cam sensor and any deviation from factory spec is bad.