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It gives us water to drink, fish to eat, but also weather patterns that help grow our crops.

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Are humans interfering with the water cycle?

Yes, humans are interfering with water cycle. They are disturbing the water cycle.

Why is water cycle is important cycle?

Water cycle regulates water. Hence it is important.

How do humans impact water cycle?

Humans adversely affects water cycle. They do deforestation and pollute the environment.

What is an important cycle of matter?

Water is considered as matter. Water cycle is an important cycle.

How does the water cycle relate to humans?

with out the water cycle we woulden't be alive

Do the water cycle help or hurt humans?

the water cycle helps us

What if evaporation was not in the water cycle?

If evaporation was not in the water cycle then gases wouldn't be important. If gases weren't important then condensation wouldn't be important. And everything is important in the water cycle.

How is the water cycle important?

Because humans need water to live in this planet.The Earth needs it because it wants the crops to grow!

What is the most important element in the water cycle?

The most important element in the water cycle is water itself. Without it, the water cycle would not exist.

What has to do with the water cycle?

Water cycle recycles water. It is important for life.

The most important part of the water cycle?

The most important part of the water cycle is the sun.

How are humans impacting the water cycle?

Human activities are slowering water cycle. Imbalance is created by them.

How does humans disrupt the water cycle?

Human disrupt water cycle by causing pollution. Also by cutting trees , water cycle is affected.

What is the water cycle involving humans?

The ways in which the water cycle involves humans includes water pollution and causing damage to forests by cutting down trees. Humans are also responsible for using large amounts of water.

What is the most important result of the water cycle?

rain is the most important result of watercycle....... without rain there are no crops........ no crops no food...... no humans

How is the water cycle important to living thing?

Water cycle helps in recycling of water. Water is an important ingredient for survival of life.

How do humans interact with the water cycle?


What is the importance of water cycle?

The importance of the water cycle is.. if the water did not get cleaned out from the earth it would not rain lakes would dry out, and when lakes dry out oceans dry out and with out water humans couldn't survive if water was not evaporated we would be stuck with THE SAME water as the dinosaurs did millions of years ago... the water cycle is important

Why is the sun important to the water cycle?

the sun is important to the water cycle because without the sun the water wont evaporate.

Why does the water cycle play an important role in the environment?

The water cycle plays an important role in the environment. This cycle recycles the water in the system for the plants and animals.

How humans have an impact on the water cycle?

Human activities cause pollution. It adversely affects water cycle.

Why is water used in the water cycle?

Water is used in the WATER cycle, because its the WATER cycle. Without water vegetation and animals would die out. Leading to the end of the world for humans.

How does human activity affect the water cycle?

humans can't be effective to our cycle

Why do you think is water cycle important?

I personally believe that the water cycle is important because without the water cycle there would probably be a dry world and we couldnt survive.

Why do you need the water cycle?

Without the water cycle we would eventually run out of water. The water cycle is a very important process.

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