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There is less iron in the Caribbean waters. Algae grows with iron in the water. Also, the colder water creates more iron to release into the ocean. With algae though produces more smaller fish, which in turn attracts larger fish.

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Q: Why is the water so blue in the Caribbean?
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Why is the waters in the Caribbean sea so blue?

The reason why Caribbean water's are so blue is because they are clean and not as polluted as other waters. this is a blessing to the earth because then we would of never known about clean water. Now don't get me wrong, there is pollution in Caribbean water but not as much as in the US.

Why is the Caribbean Sea so blue?

One of the major reasons the Caribbean Sea is so blue is the depth of the water, paired with the bright, light color of the sand. That makes the water so much brighter than other parts of the Ocean, such as the Indian Ocean.

What makes caribbean water blue?

The Caribbean has very clear blue water because it is clean. This water has not been overly polluted by humans yet.

Why is the Caribbean Sea water so clear?

beacause the sky is blue there and it reflects on the sea and there is less iron in the sea then the atlantic ocean

When was Caribbean Blue created?

Caribbean Blue was created on 1991-10-18.

What jellyfish are blue and found in Caribbean?

There are no blue jellyfish in the Caribbean; there aren't really many species of jellyfish in the Caribbean anyway.

Why is the water in the Caribbean more blue than the water in long island sound?

because its cleaner and people don't pollute

What are the most valuable resources of the Caribbean?

The Caribbean's most important elements are water, climate, and its beaches. The waters in the Caribbean are so beautiful they are nice and clear.

What are the bodies of water in the Caribbean?

The Caribbean is a sea - it is a body of water.

Why does water turn blue when you dissolve blue crystals in the water?

The crystals are blue so the water around it also turn blue reflecting the crystals color.

Is the Caribbean Sea salt water?

Yes, the Caribbean Sea is salt water.

Why is the Caribbean so beautiful?

Because it has a lot of islands and because the ocean water isn't just one plain color, it has plenty of colors like light blue, dark blue, aqua, light green, and blue. When I went to the Carribean, it was the most beautiful and peaceful place I ever went to :)

Is Miami considered part of the Caribbean?

No. Miami is on land, and the Caribbean is water. Miami is sometimes called the Gateway to the Caribbean, but the Greater Antilles (Cuba, Hispaniola, Puerto Rico) mark the Northern "border" of the Caribbean, and they are hundreds of miles from Miami--so it doesn't even overlook the Caribbean itself. So Miami is the closest part of the U.S. Mainland to the Caribbean (and thus the "Gateway").

On a map why is water colored blue?

When you look into an ocean or a lake, the water looks like it's blue. But, up close, water isn't really blue. It's only blue when you look at it in big groups, (like an ocean or a lake, a pond etc.), because the sky is blue, so the color of the sky makes a blue reflection on the water, making it look blue. So, on a map, if you drew water as clear, nobody would be able to tell there was anything there at all! So, water on a map is drawn blue instead.

If you mixed solid copper sulfate with water what will you get?

A blue liquid. The copper sulfate itself is also blue. So it dissolves in water, changing the color of the water to blue.

Why do people come the Caribbean?

People go the the Caribbean because it is beautiful. The ocean has a lot of colors like blue, light blue, dark blue, light green, and aqua. Also, the weather is nice and warm. The Caribbean is a great vacation because it is beautiful and very peaceful

Which type of animal usually live in the blue areas on a map?

Blue is water. So animals that live in water.

Why is the water so blue in the keys and not myrtle beach?

Water may be so blue in the Keys and not Myrtle Beach because its color is gotten from the blue in the sky and there may be clearer, bluer skies there.

What do flamingos eat and drink?

Caribbean flamingos eats seeds, crustaceans, and green-blue algae. It drinks fresh water.

What are the bodies of water in Cancun Mexico?

The bodies of water in Cancun, well, Cancun is an island so it has no water running through it but it is located in the Caribbean Sea.

How do you make the color Caribbean blue?

if I know it, will I be asking you?

When was Enya released by Caribbean Blue?

The song "Caribbean Blue' was released by Enya in 1991. This is a hit song by Enya which was originally released as the second track on her album "Shepherd Moons".

What are the bodies of water that surrounds the Caribbean?

the Caribbean Sea

What are some great tropical vacation destinations in the Caribbean?

The Caribbean has many islands for you to visit. Saint Martin and Antigua are the most popular beach resort areas. They have pristine beaches and beautiful ocean water that truly looks blue.

Is the blue planet called so due to the water on it?

No, the blue color of the Earth when seen from outer space is given by the atmosphere, not by the water on it.