Why is the work of Ibn Al Nafis not as widely published as that of Galen and Harvey when it is actually the most accurate?

Reading some of the notes, Galen was much earlier than Ibn al-Nafis. amd William Harvey came much later than Ibn al-Nafis, and actually corrected some errors in Ibn al-Nafis's works.

I'm trying to figure out what language Ibn al-Nafis wrote in. It appears as if he was writing in Arabic which is difficult for many Europeans.

Ibn al-Nafis was also writing during the early Renaissance period, contemporary with Leonardo Da Vinci, who had many great contributions to modern society including his works in anatomy and medicine.

History as written by Europeans and descendants of Europeans is naturally ethnocentric, but also would include an element of the individuals that influenced the European culture of the time. It is not clear if Ibn al-Nafis's works were available translated into Latin, or other European languages until 200 or 300 years after his death, and perhaps only briefly before being superseded by the work of William Harvey and other scientists during the Scientific Revolution.