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If popping sound is coming from carburetor or in take port it could be a broken vavle spring or a flat camshaft lobe.

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Q: Why is there a Loud popping noise when started and accelerated is pressed?
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Car to have no power and make a popping noise when started but?

converter stopped up

What gas makes a popping noise when you light it?

The gas making the popping noise is hydrogen.

How do I fix the popping noise in my speakers?

Replace the speakers. Adjust the Fade/Balance and listen to find which speaker is popping. The popping noise is most likely from a broken cone in the speaker

What causes a popping sound when backing up Jeep 4x4?

The popping noise can be caused by a bad year in the rear end. The popping noise can also because by a bad you joint.

Your car accelerator plate makes a popping noise when you press down on it?

If by "popping noise" you mean backfire, it could be crossed ignition wires, or some sort of misfire.

When starting Ford Expedition there is a popping noise?

Change your plugs.

What would cause a car to have no power and make a popping noise when started but run ok after a few minutes?

DID you check for a air leak,fuel,ok. Carburator?

Can rack and pinion make popping noise when you turn?

Yes, it is possible.

Why do fleas make a popping noise when you squeeze them?

because they are full of blood.

Are my beats solo headphones broke They make a popping noise when I listen to music?

Yes, that popping noise you hear is the first sign that they are breaking. It is caused by the disposition of the detectors in the cable or cable port.

What would make a popping noise and make the blazer stop running?

When mine did that popping noise it was the fuel pump. But it could be a number of things. It depends on exactly what kind of popping. The Chevrolet Blazer wasn't the best of the bunch. They do really well as trucks. But the maintenance is that of a Toyota.

What causes a popping noise in your throat?

I would like to know. I have had a popping noise in my throat for about a year now. My doctor says it's harmless and normal since there is cartilage and bone moving in that area of the throat.

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