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sounds like you use a bad mechanic a good mechanic would replace a cracked exhaust manifold to start with if you can smell gas,there is obvioulsy a leak in the fuel system. this needs to be found as it is a fire hazard

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How do you repair a cracked manifold on my suburban?

It must be REPLACED with another 1.

How do you know if you have a cracked radiator?

A cracked radiator can not be fixed. A cracked radiator needs to be replaced . A mechanic can replace one in a few hours.

Am mechanic and when you start your car the engine it vibrate and shakes with white smoke come out of exhaust pipe what should do as mechanic?

White exhaust usually means that there is water in the combustion chamber and there is a crack somewhere. Pull out the dipstick and see if the oil is a milky white. If it is then you have either a cracked head or a cracked block. Heads cam be replaced somewhat affordable by a reputable mechanic, cracked block the engine is toast needs to be replaced.

How do you fix an exhaust leak from the manifold in a 1978 El Camino?

An exhaust leak is usually the result of a bad gasket or a cracked manifold. For a proper fix, either the gasket or both the manifold and the gasket must be replaced.

What cause a droning noise when driving and appears to be coming from somewhere around the carburetor and Muffler and tailpipe have been replaced?

leaking or cracked manifold

What other parts are typically changed when fixing a blown head gasket?

Intake and exhaust manifold gaskets are also replaced along with the head gasket. Head is inspected and if cracked it is replaced. Head bolts should also be replaced with new ones.

94 Toyota Camry loud noise from exhaust manifold?

manifold or downpipe gaskets may be leaking gases or worse, cracked manifold

What causes Water in pistons Mazda 323?

A cracked/warped head, Blown head gasket, cracked cylinder wall, or cracked/warped intake manifold.

How do you know if your car has a cracked block?

A good clue would be water in the oil. That said, just because you do not have water in the oil, doesn't mean the block is not cracked. Have a good mechanic check the car.

Is it possible that the mechanic who replaced my clutch cracked the thermostat housing accidentally?

Don't know what kind of vehicle you have but a thermostat housing and the clutch are not connected in any way. Need more info.

Will a cracked maifold make a 2001 kia sportage engine run hot?

if it is the intake manifold YES, exhaust manifold NO.

Where is the manifold located in a 2001 Pontiac Grand AM and how much will repairs cost if it is cracked?

IT depends on if IT's an INTAKE or EXHAST MANIFOLD.

A brake drum that is cracked should be?


Can a cracked iPad be repaired?

A cracked screen can be replaced, but it will be an expensive repair. Think $200 or so.

Coolant leak somewhere on your 1996 Pontiac grand am you have been told by mechanics that the block was cracked or the intake manifold gasket was shot but no coolant in oil and car runs ok ad water?

there wouldn't be any coolant in the oil if your intake manifold gasket is shot. so its the gasket. A cracked block or cylinder head would render the motor unstartable, so that's a lie from the mechanic. Find a different one you can trust.

What do you do if you have a cracked exhaust manifold on a Honda Civic?

Depending on the location and size of the crack, you may be able to have it welded shut or you may have to replace the manifold.

What would it cost to replace or repair a cracked exhaust manifold in a 1995 Toyota tacoma?

what is the cost of repair of Toyota 4runner exhaust manifold

How long to replace exhaust manifold on jeep wrangler tj 2.5 liter?

I bought a 2000 tj three years ago with a cracked exhaust manifold (dealer said it was a exhaust gasket on down pipe). Cost $98 at O'Reileys. I replaced the exhaust manifold in my drive way with a 119 piece Craftsman tool set in 4 hours. Two years of use and it too has cracked so I am going to see if I can beat the 4 hour mark now that I know how to do it.

1994 dodge caravan that has a miss to it but does not have problems starting Owner said it was the manifold donut gasket that needs replaced Is this possible?

A exhaust manifold that is warped, cracked, or missing a gasket will make a sound like a engine miss. I usually look for soot near the suspected area to tell for sure.

What causes coolant to leak into the exhaust manifold?

Blown head gasket and/or cracked head.

Why is water coming out your car manifold?

The head gasket or actual cylinder head is cracked.

What causes frothing in a radiator when the car is running?

The head gasket is gone or the block/head is cracked. Water is mixing with oil. If you remove the valve cover and the head or the intake manifold you may notice a fluid of a deep battleship gray color. This is due to grinding metal fillament mixing with the water and lubricant due to failed lubrication because chances are that you are losing oil if the block is cracked and engine coolant is mixing with water and oil or the head gasket, or the manifold seal is broken and may need to be replaced. An oil leak doesn't always mean that the block is cracked-- your problem could just be a broken head or manifold gasket. This is easy enough to replace but requires extensive dismantling of the top of the motor.

How do I replace a cracked tile?

Cracked tile needs to be cut out and then replaced. This is usually done by a professional, and can be difficult by yourself.

Will a cracked windshield pass inspection?

No, it must be repaired and/or replaced.

How do you fix a cracked engine on a 1997 Chevy Malibu?

If your referring to the engine block, the motor has to be replaced. If your refering to a cracked head, the head has to be replaced. Contact a service technician you can trust. a cracked block cannot be repaired. The only option is to replace the engine.