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The LHS symbol is that of the - HALAL CERTIFICATION AUTHORITY Australia

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Q: Why is there a halal symbol on Cadbury chocolate?
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Is Cadbury chocolate halal or haram?

It may be halal. Anyhow, it contains any ingredient that is haram, it also becomes haram. It is beter to avoid any doubtful thing.

Where does Cadbury chocolate come from?

Cadbury is a British chocolate company ...

What is included in the chocolate hampers sold by Cadbury?

The chocolate hampers sold by Cadbury contain dairy milk miniatures, Fry's chocolate bars, chocolate buttons, white chocolate buttons, Cadbury's roses and Cadbury's heroes.

Who was the founder of Cadbury's Chocolate?

John Cadbury

What was George Cadbury famous for?

George Cadbury was famous for Cadbury's chocolate

Is Cadbury fair trade chocolate?

Yes, Cadbury chocolate is now fair trade.

Where are the Cadbury headquarters based?

The Cadbury headquarters are based in Birmingham, England, where Cadbury World is. Cadbury World is a factory, where people can go to visit, where the staff of Cadbury World make chocolate as you visit. It includes the history of chocolate, a chocolate ride and the biggest Cadbury Shop of all time! :)

What is in Cadbury chocolate?


What is the ticker symbol for Cadbury?

The stock symbol for was previously Cadbury is CBY. It currently is CDSCY.PK.

What does halal symbol look like?

what does the halal symbol look like?

When was the Tasmanian Cadbury Chocolate factory built?

The Cadbury Chocolate Factory in Claremont, Tasmania, was built in 1922.

Different makes of of chocolate eg thontons Cadbury fairtrade?

yes, both cadbury's and thorntons are faretrade items. If you are not sure about the product being faretrade, there is usually a symbol on the packaging.

Is galaxy's chocolate better then Cadbury's chocolate?

no way

What is the Mission of Cadbury?

to make chocolate

What are the aims for cadbury?

Make chocolate

What is the usp for Cadbury?

The taste of chocolate...

What is the price of Cadbury chocolate?


What english chocolate company originated Valentine's Day chocolate?

Cadbury Chocolate.

How many people do Cadbury chocolate factory employ?

Cadbury Chocolate employs around 45,000 people in 60 countries. American food giant, Kraft, now owns Cadbury Chocolate. which was headquartered in England.

Who invented Cadbury milk chocolate?

1824 ...A one-man business, opened in 1824 by a young Quaker, John Cadbury, in Bull Street Birmingham, was to be the foundation of Cadbury Limited. 1897 ...Cadbury produced its first milk chocolate but it was coarse and dry, no comparison to the Swiss chocolate. George Cadbury went to Switzerland to learn more and work continued on milk chocolate. 1905 ...Cadbury Dairy Milk was launched.

Who made the world a better place?

John Cadbury because he invented Cadbury's chocolate.

Who are the competitors of who are Cadbury's maun competitors?

whos the main competitor of cadbury chocolate in nz

Who was the first member of the Cadbury family to become involved with the world of chocolate?

john cadbury

What are Cadbury wispa's made of?

Aerated chocolate (chocolate which has had air mixed into it)

What is the difference between Cadbury chocolate and Whittakers chocolate?

There different companies.