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Why is there a knot at the base of your skull when you have not sustained an injury?

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Everybody's got one. It could be a old injury from your childhood that has left scar tissue and you have just noticed it now. Nothing to worry about unless you are having symptoms. If you are having symptoms then speak to your doctor.

2006-08-12 21:23:06
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Q: Why is there a knot at the base of your skull when you have not sustained an injury?
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I have Chronic bronchitis and sore knot at base of skull could they be related?

If it is in the back of neck, go to a chiropractor. More than likely its a sore muscle.

What is a hard knot on the back of the skull?

It's called the inion

Have a creased knot inward on your forehead?

A creased, inward knot on the forehead is simply the result of how your skull has formed. The skull is in several pieces when a child is born, and it can achieve various common shapes.

What is a large knot on the back of the neck at the base of the skull that can be moved and interferes with innner ears?

Could be swollen lymph nodes caused by an inner ear infection.

Knot between skull and left ear doesn't hurt but have headache?


Hit your head 3 weeks ago still have a knot?

The amount of time an injury takes to heal depends on the severity of the injury. A head injury from a person hitting their head should always be seen by a doctor to insure there is no fatal threat. If a person has a knot form from hitting there head, it could take weeks to heal.

Why would a knot last longer than a year?

It depends on your definition of knot. There are often large deposits of fatty tissue called sebaceous cysts which are benign and harmless and can often last for years, sometimes lifetimes. the main difference between a "knot" and a "cyst" would be that a knot suggests it came about as a result of an injury. If you are concerned, check with a dermatologist...

Should a black lab have a bump on top of there skull?

Yes. All purebred Labradors should have a knot on the back of their head between the ears.

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Will the bump or knot on top of the head go away on a Labrador?

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Is it better to have a soft knot or a hard knot when you hit your head?

Soft knots are somewhat less painful, but other than that it makes little difference. A knot is simply a bad bruise; the hardness or softness of it is determined by how much inflammation exists in the tissues, pressing up against the bones of the skull. Both will reabsorb into the system at the same rate without harm. if you get a particularly bad knot, however, and feel faint, dizzy, or nauseous afterwards, you should have a doctor check you for a concussion. Concussions can be dangerous, and need to be monitored.

Lump on your shoulder that feels like muscle?

A lump on your shoulder that feels like muscle may be a muscle knot. This might be as a result of strain or injury to the shoulder muscle.