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Why is there a left nipple lump on a 1 month old baby?

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What could a lump in left side be below ribcage?

Is white nipple discharge and a lump to left of right breast a sign of breast cancer?


Lump under nipple?

I am 21 years old (male) and have a lump in the middle (and under the skin) of my left nipple. If i squeeze the nipple, it creates discharge. It is not in my right nipple. What is this? Can it be breast cancer? dont worry i had the same problem its just your glands in your nipple acting up trust me it may take a couple of years but it will go dont worry mate

What is the lump under your nipple?

your boob!

What could a tiny lump on the inside of the left nostril be?

A baby!

What happens if there Is a lump in your nipple?

go to your gp and get it checked out,

I have a lump under one nipple the left nipple i am a 13 year old boy is this normal?

No you should see a doctor about it. it is probably nothing however it is always best to make sure that hings are OK.

Can you get a lump on your breast from nipple twistsers?

yes under your nipple from exesive hormone levles this is from past expeirience

Is a lump on the lower part of the head of a 13 month old baby's head normal?

It is never normal for a thirteen month old baby or any baby or child to have a lump at the lower part of the head or other parts of the head, especially if the lump is soft. Even if it is hard the child must be taken to a pediatrician or a neurologist.

Is it a problem if you have a lump in your nipple if your a boy?

You should probably get that Checked out!

You are 14 and have a small hard painless lump under your right nipple you are embarrassed to go to anyone but am worried any ideas?

If you have lump under your right nipple you should watch it and go a doctor about it

Is it normal for 12 year old boy to have nipple pain and a hard lump or nodule under the nipple?

Yes it's normal :)

Why man's nipple increases with pain?

If you feel a disc shaped lump in your nipple, then it is working out too much or puberty. Ask your doctor.

Sore ichy nipple and you lump next to it what is this?

you could be pregnant - get a test done

You are nearly 13 and have a lump under your nipple what is it?

it shows the beginning of breast development

Lump in your nipple what is it?

It is a disease, maybe you should get it checked out by a doctor because you might die.

Why have i got a Sore tingling sensitive nipple and i am not pregnant?

Do a breast check. If you don't know how go on line to find out how. You should be doing this once a month anyway. If you feel a lump call your doctor for a mammogram.

Lump under your nipple what is it?

It depends on the day of your menstrual cycle. It is best not to speculate but to get a medical opinion.

Pea sized lump on your right nipple It really worries you what can it be?

Talk to your doctor right away.

What if you are a 13 years old male and you have a lump under your nipple?

The best thing to do is get it checked out by a doctor.

Is a lump under my nipple after a purple nurple serious if I am a guy?

It is a sign of puberty but if your not in that stage i do not know.

Big lump on left side of breast?

found big big lump on left side of the breast.

What does it mean when a lump in a boys nipple first appeared when he was 10 years old but then went away Now he is 14 and that lump is back is the same right nipple What is it?

It could be a condition called Gynaecomastia, caused by hormonal changes. Always best to see a GP though!

What is the lump on your arm?

i have a lump right below my left elbow. what could this be?

I am 13 years old and recently found a lump behind each breast you are stil developing but can it be breast cancer?

If the lump is on the nipple then it is just your breasts developing. I had it when i was growing too.