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What is the pronoun in the sentence What I really want for Christmas is a horse

What is the correct complete diagram for this sentence The error taught us an expensive lesson

Where should the pronoun be placed on a diagram After the dance was finished we went out for something to eat.

What is the diagram of this sentence Find an easier way to diagram stories

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Q: Why is there a tradition of giving coal for Christmas?
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What is the tradition of giving for Christmas rooted in?

It is not a tree so it does not have roots

Is there a tradition for giving out Christmas cards?

no this just started form people giving them to their loved ones

What is Israel gift giving tradition in Christmas?

Most Israelis do not celebrate Christmas as they are either Jews or Muslims. As a result, there is no real Israeli gift-giving tradition on Christmas. The small minority of Christian Israelis (<1% of Israel) give presents to their children in much the same way as Americans or Britons perform similar gift-giving.

Why do we have presents at Christmas?

The tradition began with the belief that the three wise men brought gifts to the new Christ child. Since Christmas is considered to be Christ's birthday, the tradition of gift-giving lives on.

How did the tradition of giving coal to bad children get started?

ok so the tradition was of the lie of parents was to make them believe of santa claus was so they could make their children obey them like the phrases "clean your room or you will get coal in your stocking" or " dont talk back or you will get coal in your stocking".

How does someone end up with coal in their stocking?

There is an old tradition that a lump of coal in a stocking hung up on Christmas Eve, is a sign of good luck for the coming year. It ends up in your stocking because Father Christmas put it there, of course!

Is Christmas gift related to religion?

The tradition of gift giving at Christmas was started by Christian nuns who celebrated the birth of Christ by giving gifts to the poor and the widows and it caught on over time and more people started giving gifts, it was never supposed to be about materialism.

Where did the idea of putting coal in a Christmas stocking originate from?

The idea of putting coal in a Christmas stocking is considered to have originated in Italy and though the tradition of hanging stockings is still carried on most people don't put coals in bad children's stockings anymore.

Why should you have a Christmas tree?

Christmas trees are part of the Christmas tradition, and if you enjoy that tradition then you should have a tree.

What does giving gifts during Christmas symbolize?

Giving gifts symbolizes the kings in the Bible giving the gifts to Jesus when they visisted Him. Today, gifts are given more out of tradition than any symbolization, though.

Why do we buy each other presents at Christmas?

It used to be a symbol of the kings giving gifts to Jesus. Now, it is more because of tradition.

Where do they keep the Christmas gifts in Germany?

If I understand your question correctly..... The German tradition is to put up the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. Once that is done the presents are put under the Christmas tree. Children see the tree for the first time at "Bescherung" the gift giving on Christmas Eve. Not sure how many families still stick to the above tradition.

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