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Why is there air?


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AIR!!! well , you see, air is there, but is actually carbon dioxide and oxygen. We breath in oxygen and produce carbon doixide. There are also other substances in the air, such as car exhausts (also carbon dioxide, amongst others, like nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide et al) and others from the chemical works. I hope this helps you on your way to learning!! Gym teachers know why!! To fill up basketballs and volleyballs... (loosly quoted from a Bill Cosby comedy routine.) "Why is there air" is an album of Bill Cosby which won the Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album in 1996.


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Atmospheric air. Air bubbles are simply dissolved air coming out of solution.

1.Air has pressure. 2.Air has mass. 3.Air has volume. 4.Air takes the shape of its container. 5.Air flows.

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air takes up space AIR HAS pressure air has no odor(usually) air has mass air has no colour (usually)

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good air is air that doesnt come from any maschine or vechical or air that is not man made or poluted air or smelly air and air that passes through engien and last of all air is good for you if it is clean and if that air does not come from a dirty place.

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Air moves from a point at which air preasure is high to a point which air preasure is low

Moving air is air that is constantly circulating in an area. Non-moving air is air that is not moving around.

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