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Suntan lotion, cosmetics, underarm deodorants, body oil and sweat are just a few.

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Q: Why is there an oil slick on the water of your vinyl pool?
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Can you give a sentence with slick?

An oil slick spread over the water.

How does an oil slick form when an oil tanker springs a leak?

Oil and water do not mix. Oil floats to the surface of the water.

Is oil slick thick or thin?

Oil is slick thin

How do you get tanning oil out of your vinyl pool?

There is a product, usually sold by the gallon at pool supply stores that could work for you. Best bet is to avoid the oil. Your filter will pay the price by having to be specially cleaned and or replaced.

When can an oil slick occur?

Oil is generally lighter than water so it floats to the surface. At the surface, it may be visible as a "oil sheen", with the reflected light showing a different color or brighter reflection than the water. The oil at the water surface is called an oil slick. Wind and wave action may make it difficult to observe the slick. An accidental release of oil from storage tanks and tanker will result in an oil slick. Large oil spills have occurred as a result of war (Gulf war, World War II, Angolan civil war). Drilling of wells, such as Mexico's Ixtoc-1 well and BP's Macondo well, have resulted in oil slicks.

What is the difference between oil paint and vinyl paint?

painting of oil is called oil paint and painting of vinyl is called vinyl paint

How do you clean the vegetable oil from your pool that your husband put in to get rid of mosquitos?

Vegetable oil is relatively to get out of a pool that is filled with water. The oil does not mix with water and will stay on the top layer. It can either be scooped out in a cup or the pool can be drained and refilled.

When was The Great Santa Barbara Oil Slick created?

The Great Santa Barbara Oil Slick was created on 1968-02-14.

Are roads more slick before or after it rains?

More slick after the first rain because the oil on the road.

Where does the slang word slick come from?

depending on which slick you mean sleek healthy looking animal hair on one hand or an oil slick on the other

What is a sentence with the word 'iridescent'?

The oil slick on the frigid water was iridescent. Iridescent clouds looked like mother-of-pearl.

Why does oil move away from water?

Oil and water are not co-soluble, or "miscible." Because they don't mix, the difference in surface tension causes oil and water to pool separately.

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