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Nobody ever told me either. I am 27 years old now and I ask the docter years ago after getting pregnant. The blood is brown because it is old blood. There is nothing wrong with you is the answer i got. they say sometimes it just happens if you notice after you get a good flow going its not brown anymore either. And sometimes you may pass blood clots also b/c your body has to get rid of that inner lining BUT i freaked. Just ask your doctor its completely confidential and 100% private.

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Q: Why is there brown blood when you start your period?
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You have had your period but now im bleeding brown blood?

Totally normal. If you notice when you first start your period it is bright red, and then towards the end of your period, it's brown. Brown blood=old blood, it just means its older! you will be alright!

You get brown discharge then a week later red blood so when does your period start?

That was your period.

If you never had pinkish brown spotting before and you had it for 3 days then it turned into a period kindof thing what is that?

Brown blood is old blood and sometimes your period will start with brown to get the left over blood from last time out.

When you start your period it is brown looking instead of blood?

it means that the blood is either old

When you start your period if you have brown old blood first do you count those days as your 28 days or do you start counting when the blood is red?

When you start your period if you have brown, old blood first you count those days as the first day of your 28 day menstrual cycle. You do not have to start counting day one when the blood is red.

What does it mean if having brown discharge and your period is late?

This is probably just your period starting late. Often at the start and end of the period the blood is brown in colour.

What does brown blood mean if youre on your period?

Brown blood is just blood that has taken time to leave your vagina so turned brown and mixed with your discharge. Brown blood doesn't mean anything other than that your flow is light so taking time to leave your body. It's normal to see brown discharge at the start and at the end of your period.

What does it mean when your on your period and brown discharge comes out instead of blood?

It's still just menstrual fluid. This happens a day or so before you really start bleeding, and it tends to be brown at the end of your period. Older blood turns brown. Your period is more than blood. It's totally normal.

Brown red blood before period?

Brown red blood 2weeks before period

Dark brown period blood what does it mean?

Dark brown period blood usually appears near the end of your period.

What causes brownish colored blood but a very light period?

Period blood can be dark brown, light brown, dark red or red. Sometimes your period is brown if it is a light period. Sometimes your period can be brown near the end of your period.

What does it mean if your period blood is brown?

It means that the blood is old. It's usually brown after or b4 your period.

What does it mean when you start your period weeks early and its dark brown?

It is perfectly normal to start your period weeks early and its dark brown. You mostly start with dark brown when you start your period and it turns red.

What color is the blood when you start your period?

Reddish-brown. Before that you might see a whtish residue.

What is brown stuff before your period?

The brown stuff is known as 'spotting' it is just blood mixing with discharge, it turns brown when it comes in contact with air. This is just the start of your period, you can also get it at other times such as at the end of your period or around ovulation.

Can you get pregnant if you had red and brown coming out from your period?

Yes, it is normal for a period to have different shades of blood. The brown is blood dried blood and the red is new.

What if you have brown blood but your not on your period?

that means you are on your period x

Why is your period blood brown?

its just old period

What does having brown blood on your period mean?

blood turns brown over time. having brown blood just means it is older blood.

What is the brown stuff in your underwear?

It's called discharge its the old blood or new blood... It can happen either before or after you start your period! So if u haven't started yet it probably means u will start soon or its the old blood finishing out your period!

Im 5 days late for period i jus started today my period blood is brown but it started out brown not sure soon what colour what could possibly be?

It isn't uncommon for the blood to be brown when you first start your period, especially if you are five days late. If there is a chance that you may be pregnant, a home pregnancy test can be taken.

What is the reddish brown vagina discharge after period and appendectomy?

dunno what an appendectomy is but it goes brown after your period because old blood is brown :) its just the blood taking its time to get out of you :)

Why is your period brown through the who cycle?

The blood can be reddish-brown to brown. Brown blood just means it's old, not fresh.

What are the signs of you starting you first period?

painful pains at the bottom of your stomach, heavy discharge. your period blood when you first start will be a reddish brown colour!

Why is my blood brown-red during your period?

The blood is more brown tinged toward the end of the period due to the amount of "old" blood being in the mix. The brown is brought on by dead red blood cells and bilirubin content.